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My last post talked about how my parents were coming to spoil me and fatten me up! Well they came and are now gone. For the past 10 days, I had breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for me. I even had breakfast and juice brought to my temporary room every morning!
So today, I get up and realize that I had to get up and go downstairs myself and FIND something to eat. There was nothing...I tried to make an omelet..and it didn't look I threw it away...I then proceeded to make a baked potato...and only ate half of that...and then I made a bagel and ate half of that. I finally gave up after I realized that I didn't want any of that food. I am now going through withdrawal.....hopefully someone will read this and feel sorry for me..then call me and tell me that they have prepared a special hot meal for me! (hint....Candace, Nicole, Rita...somebody!) Since no one has yet to offer that meal deal...i'm chillen in TCBY- sipping on a smoothie and using the net!
Having family in town in always good and fun....but it sure feels good to have your house back to normal almost! I'm trying to think if I will trade in our quiet normal everyday life in our house...for 3 cooked meals a day. I think I just might!!
Anyway- I'll post my Christmas pics later on...after all I'm in TCBY using their free wi-fi.
Peace out people!!

about to be spoiled and fattened up!!


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My mommy got here last night and my in-laws are coming tomorrow! I am so excited. I know that the next 10 days are gonna be like heaven for me.
My mom is cooking all of my favorite meals...I have already given her my list!!
My father in-law already said that he was cooking me breakfast every i'm looking forward to grits, turkey bacon, toast and some eggs on a daily basis!
My mother in-law...she won't cook for me...but she will shower me with so many other things!
This is gonna be wonderful!!
I hope you all have as good of a holiday season as I do!
I'm getting ready to be spoiled triple time! My husband does a great job of spoiling me all by just imagine what it's about to be like!!
MMMMMM...oh and I did I mention that i'm also happy they are coming because I love them all sooooooooooooo much and enjoy spending quality time with my family! Yeah, that too...not only because they are going to spoil me...but that's a great benefit!

I secretly love the Keyshia Cole show!


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I'm not sure that I have RANTED AND RAVED about how much I DESPISE BET on this blog yet...but I do. Ever since the beginning days of College Hill where they portrayed black educated folks like idiots and hoodrats! I remember writing a letter to BET demanding that they cancel the show...of course they never did. I mean, when I was growing up...I watched A Different World..and just knew that I was going to HIllman! Our young kiddos arent looking at College Hill and thinking man...I want to go to Johnson C. Smith so that I can dance on top of the pool table! It just sends the wrong messages about HBCU's.

Anyway- I just really can't stand would think that they would at least try and high light the good things that we do in the Black community...but no, they choose to air our dirty laundry...deep sigh!

But....but...but....there is ONE show that I secretly love on BET!

I have it set to my DVR to record every Tuesday night at 9pm. My husband can't stand it...but it is my guilty pleasure!

Frankie is my girl!! She is by far my favorite character on the show. In a very weird way- I think just her humor and some of the stuff she says...reminds me of my mama! Now don't get it mom is not like Frankie....but some of the things that come out of her mouth- Deborah Doreen would probably say!

I like how Keyshia takes care of her family and is trying to show them a different lifestyle. They all are a ghetto mess...but I can see the transformation happening before my eyes!! Especially with Neffie!
My favorite quotes from the show:
Keyshia to her mama: "Dang, MA! Why you gotta be so ghetto!!"
Frankie: Absolutely
Frankie: MAN DOWN CODE 10
Frankie: Hoooooooooooollllllllaa!

But anyway- I felt like it was my responsibility to put it out there that I am a Keyshia Cole fan....and I even went to buy her CD today! And you know I don't buy real cd's!!

Wednesday surprise...SNOW IN HOUSTON!


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Now, I lived in Chicago for four years and was really used to it being cold 9 out of the 10 months that I was there a year. I even almost adjusted to "the hawk" by layering up my clothes...always wearing tights...keeping the heat in my dorm room on HELL.

But 3 years ago...I moved to Texas- where I expected it to always be nice..maybe not HOT all of the time..but nice.

Well Wednesday, I wake up and I'm freezing in my Nick gets up and turns the heat on so that I can even begin to think about getting up and getting dressed for work. He even warmed my car up before he left for work (this is something that I thought I only had to do in Chicago) so that I wouldn't freeze to death.

Anyway, I'm freezing in my office all day...and that is pretty normal because for some office just can't get warm even if they turn the heat on which is hardly ever...but this day- the freaking space heater that I had...WENT OUT! So I'm tripping all day.

But none of that compares to this.

Yep, IT SNOWED IN HOUSTON TEXAS ON DECEMBER 10, 2008. I would have never believed it..if I didn't see it myself. So, there it is...PROOF that the world must be coming to a complete end!

Our first Christmas tree!


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Sunday night, Nick, Ryan and myself put up our very first Christmas tree in our home! Our families are coming next week for the of course we had to have a tree. It was pretty fun. I didn't know that artificial trees cost so much money though...someone could have warned me! But it's all good. Here are some photos

Me putting ornaments on the tree....we even got purple favorite color!

Nick putting the top of the tree on...almost complete!

Ryan wanted to help too....but we had to spray the tree so he wouldn't tear it up!

Trying to make the tree look full...but you know im always ready for a photo-op!

Finished product! Well not really because we still need to get a topper...and some more cool ornaments! But for now- it's the finished product! YAY for our first tree!

World AIDS Day


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I'm not even gonna insult your intelligence and give you the same story that I always give when I go a few weeks without blogging (although I think this must be the longest lapse in time). I always say that I won't do it again..which is probably a I'm not even going there this time. But I will say that I haven't been blogging lately because I can't blog about what I want to blog about just I've just been writing in my own personal journal. BUT fret not- I'll put the business out there on the world wide web soon enough people!!

Today is World AIDS Day! What exactly does that mean lady??!!
Well according to the World AIDS Day campaign "The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organizations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Whilst we have come a long ways since 1988, there is still much more to be done."

Let's do our part in spreading information about the AIDS epidemic that is affecting so many people across the World- and especially here in America- where the people who are suffering the most look like me.

So in doing my part- I will continue to advocate for comprehensive sex education programs to students across Texas. We have to educate our children on the safety measures of intercourse. Of course, we don't want them engaging in these types of activities but if they are, we MUST do our part and educate them on how to protect themselves if they are going to do it. I am very excited that our next President is a man who believes in comprehensive sex-education and maybe....just maybe he can have some influence over some ridiculous States that still believe that telling kiddos TO NOT DO IT is enough. I had a student ask me (after I asked her if she were on on birth control) where do I get it from? Can I buy it at Walgreen's? Yes, I'm serious. Mind you, this young lady is 18 and about to graduate from high school and go off to college not knowing where to get birth control from. Her parents never talked to her about it- the school hadn't talked about she doesn't know. By the way- she's pregnant. We have to do better.

Congratulations Mr. President


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The time has come....we finally have the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT! I'm not quite able to process this completely....i'm still chillen in my bed (yes people I took the day off) basking in my happiness and joy about this great movement in our Country.

Maybe later, i'll be able to formulate complete thoughts about how I feel...but right now i'm still a bit speechless!

November 5th Etiquette!


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The following is an email I received for Nov. 5th etiquette following an Obama win:
1. No crying, hugging or shouting “Thank you Lord” - at least not in public
2 No high-fives - at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses
3 No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters
4 No calling in sick on November 5th. They’ll get nervous if too many of us don’t show up.
5 We’re allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in passing. Just try to keep from grinning too hard.
6. No singing loudly, We’ve come this Far By Faith (it will beacceptable to hum softly)
7. No bringing of barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunch room for at least a week (no chittlings at all) (thismay make us seem to ethnic)
8. No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this mightbe a sign that poor folks might be getting a break through)
9. No Cupid Shuffle during breaks (this could indicate a little too much excitement)
10. Please no Moving on Up music (we are going to try to remain humble)
11. No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you’re in your office with the door closed)
12. Please try not to yell—-BOOOO YAH!
13. Just in case you’re wondering, Doing the Running Man, cabbagepatch, or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay.

he finally did it!


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I wish I had a picture to show you... but by the time I went to go get my camera... he was finished.
Ryan (my puppy child) finally raised his leg up to pee like a big boy dog!! We have had him since June and he would always kinda lean forward to pee-pee without lifting up his leg. Nick thought that he would need to be around other dogs and see them lift their legs in order for him to do so...but it must be some inherent doggie thing that at some point in toddlerhood you learn how to lift your leg! I was on the phone with my mother-in-law and I started screaming...and she is like DyMisha, are you okay girl? I'm like "he did baby finally did it!" She's like, did what? and I'm like "he lifted his leg and pee''s like watching your baby take his first step". She laughed and said..okay, now its time for me to go!!

I was so happy to see baby is becoming a man! Next time I will have my camera ready so the world can see my little boy raise his leg like a man!!



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Say it ain't so! This young lady Ashley Todd said that a big 6 four 4 black man robbed her at the ATM machine in Pennsylvania, put a five inch knife to her neck, took her money , and when he saw a McCain Palin bumper sticker on her car; he carved a "B" on her cheeks...and said that "you will be an Obama supporter". Now when I first read this last week...I was like "OMG...I can't believe someone would do that to her...that is gonna make all Black Obama supporters look bad. " I actually empathized with her-I should have known better...but me being me...always trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

This girl was LYING! SHE MADE THE $*#^ UP!
How far will it go? Now what is really funny is that she worked for the College Republican National Committee and was her job was to recruit people (other college students) to become Republicans! Was this a part of her recruit people by instilling fear of tall black men...and Obama supporters.
And the sad part about it is that the Obama family called her and apologized for what happened to did the McCain folks. I wonder if McCain is going to apologize to Obama for this- like he INSISTED that Obama did for Congressman John Lewis' remarks about the hate rallies they have been having.
I mean seriously people....PLEASE GO AND VOTE! 8 more days until we witness history.

I feel good


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My job can be extremely emotionally draining at times. All day, I sit and listen to my students problems..some they can change and some they cannot; some that are self-inflicting and some that are inflicted upon them. Often times, I want to cry with them, smack them, or take them home to my home so that they are safe...but all of those are unprofessional and I have to keep my cool and do my very best to help them cope with their current situation.

Many times, I feel like a failure..because I can't do much to change their situation...when I really want to...but I have come to grips with that...and my job isn't to change their situation (and sometimes I am able to do that) but more to help them get through whatever they are dealing with and still be able to be successful at school.

Well this is a day where I was able to truly help a student get out of a situation that she has been in for almost 2 years. I was able to empower her and her family to make the necessary steps for overcoming this hurdle. This morning she came to me very excited and liberated...and she said "Miss, thank you so life is going to be so much better..I feel so much better- like a heavy load was taken off of me." She hugged me so long and tight...and we both cried. what! I am so happy for her and am proud to know such a strong courageous young woman. Today, I feel good and this one incident has made all the other failed attempts worth it.

This is why I love my job! Changing lives one child at a time.
Photo taken from



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I meant to post this yesterday...but I was so ready to leave work and go vote..I left my computer at work!

Anyway- yesterday was a very emotional day for me. I casted my vote for the FIRST BLACK MAN TO EVER RUN ON A PRESIDENTIAL TICKET. As I drove down 518 in Pearland and saw HUMONGOUS McCain/Palin signs and all the other Republican candidates, I thought to myself...where are all of the Democratic signs?...I mean not even a Rick Noriega sign in sight. I am very aware that Texas is a very RED state...but I at least thought that I would see more signs...maybe it's because I live in Pearland. Nonetheless, as I drive up to the voting poll, a Republican candidate is there campaigning 100 feet from the door...and he hands me a flyer asking me for my vote. I'm this is pretty good that he is out here campaigning until the last second to get his votes...not that I was casting my vote for him..but I still thought it was kinda cool.

Anyway- I get line...and I walk to the booth. Now my initial thought was I wonder if someone can take a picture of me voting ( I know..I'm always trying to take a picture) but then I thought that its probably against voting rules or something. I am so proud....the most proud of this Country that I have ever been...and I bet no one is going to come after me for saying it like they did Michelle Obama...BC little ol' doesn't have a husband running for President.

My friend Nicoley made a really good point about wanting to wait until 11/4 to vote so that she could be a part of such a historic day...and I feel her on that...but I'm more nervous that something shady is gonna go down that day...and all the polls in Brazoria county are going to mysteriously be broken or something. I don't me crazy...or just call me Black in America! I am still very honored and proud to have voted yesterday and am anxiously awaiting 11/4. I really want to have a results watch party at my house....sounds like a good idea.
My friends (as John McCain says) it's time for me to go home! GO VOTE..EARLY!
Deadline for early voting in Texas is 10.31.08

a damn shame


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I rarely post the ignorant stuff that I read on other blog sites or even from the news websites (except for the racist FOX news..I don't give them the time of day)...but this is actually quite hilarious....I mean how blatant can you be?

This picture was taken from ...a blog that I read on the regular...this guy is good!

This picture was printed and published in the latest newsletter by an Inland Republican women's group depicting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken, prompting outrage in political circles.

Now this just really isn't good for the Republican party....while they are trying to get the Black vote. I mean seriously...CHICKEN, WATERMELON, RIBS & KOOL-AID ON A FOOD STAMP!

They claim that they were responding to one of Obama's comments during the primary season where he said that he wouldn't look like the other Presidents faces on the dollar according to them- he wouldn't even be on the dollar...just on food stamps. Well dummy's nobody makes food stamp bills anymore...that went away with Clinton...they now have the EBT card!!

People are just really foolish and it makes me further know that we have not yet overcome...and we still have a ways to go...but progress is happening and I'm glad to be a part of it. There are so many people who do not carry the old Jim Crow South/America in their hearts...but the portion of folks that still do- make our Nation a terrible place of hate. I hope that my children will not have to endure this type of ridiculousness...but that might be hoping for too much.

We all need to pray!

the BS has already started


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So, I went to TRY and early vote today...because today is the first day of early voting in Texas. I was so excited because there is a polling location less than a mile from my job!
Anyway- I go inside...and there are only a few people in i'm like great...I won't be here long and I can get back to work before my middle school lunch duty. However, I walk up to the front and a guy who is waiting to vote says...." the machines are down"....THE MACHINES ARE DOWN??!! What the immediately im this a scam...are they serious?? are they trying to keep people from voting in this very historic election. The guy can wait if you want to- they said it could be a while though. WAIT....hell naw I can't wait! I gotta go back to work...but I will be calling every hour on the hour to see if they got the "machines working".
I hope this is not the beginning of the next 14 days of sneaky tactics to keep people from voting.
I'll keep you posted. I hope I do get to vote today...if not, there is always tomorrow!

I'M A BIG KID the pull-ups tune!


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I have definitely OVERCOME!
For the past 3.5 years that my husband and I have been living together..I have had this recurring dream..more like nightmare when he leaves and goes out of town or something. This dream only comes the first night that he leaves. Well he has been gone since Tuesday and guess what....NO DREAM!
You may be wondering...what dream DyMisha???? okay- I'll tell you.
For a few years now- I always dream (only on the 1st night) that someone is going to break in my house and rape me while my husband is gone. I know- freaky right??
Many of my friends have different theories as to why this dream/nightmare keeps coming to are a few of their theories:

1. I don't feel the same protection/security while he is gone ( i believe so)
2. I feel powerless subconsciously (doubt it)
3. I am CRAZY (probably!!)
4. I've been raped or molested before and just can't remember it. (well I've never been raped or molested before...and if I were, I hope to GOD that I would be able to remember it)

I'm not really sure why I have these dreams...but the first makes the most sense to me. HOWEVER, IT is gone. No dream this week...and hopefully it will never come back again. I had two great restful nights of sleep and I am very proud of myself.

BYE BYE nightmares...I'm a big kid now!

Mushy Monday is back


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Today's mushy monday post goes to my nephew KayJay!

He said the sweetest thing to me today and I realized how much I missed him being here in Houston with us.

I called Nikki today just to talk...and they were on their way to Augusta to handle some business...and she put KayJay on the phone to talk to me. First thing he says is "is this Grandma Lena" now anyone who knows this child..knows that NOBODY comes before grandma Lena..not even his mama! anyway, I said nope...and he said "oh, hey Auntie Meme". I asked how his day was and what he was doing...and he said "I'm going to see my grandma Lena" and I really love your grandma Lena don't you...and he said YYYYYYYEEEAAAHHH...and then I said well do you love me too...and he said YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH auntie meme! So I told him that he should tell me more often and he said...okay I love you too!!
He is such a sweetheart and I miss him so much. I wish he were here...even though I call him my personal birth control!



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Just a reminder for anyone who lives in Texas or knows someone who lives in Texas- that TODAY IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST DAY to register to VOTE for the November election. Please spread the word- you can not register online...but you can mail it in or hand deliver it to an office.. if you mail it- it just has to be postmarked by today. This is serious business people! We have to get our voices heard. Texas is a Republican state so the more people we can get to vote DEMOCRAT the better!

By the way- Early voting starts October 20, 2008. I will be going to VOTE early...because for some reason...I'm thinking we could have another rigged election like I'm not waiting until the last minute! I suggest you all to do the same!
Peace and happy voting to all!

Barack Obama for President!!

and we're going.....


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when I said I would pay good money for UGA/LSU tickets..I wasn't playing!

I went into a bidding war on eBay a couple of different times and finally WON...yeah baby! 5 rows from the about good seats. ..I just don't know if our tickets are on the UGA side or not. I'm really hope they are...that would be awesome.

So, me and my hubby will be going to the showdown and witness a SEC battle! I'm so excited and can't wait until October 25th. This is going to be the game of the year- besides when we go to the National Championship.

October 6, 2008 last day to register to vote in Texas


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Just a friendly reminder that if you have not registered to have 7 days to do so in order to have your voice heard on November 4, 2008. If you need some assistance, just let me know and I will gladly help you register. If you need a stamp...I will provide that for you as well!
Please remind all of your family and friends to go ahead and register to vote before it is too late for them to vote for their candidate. Now, if they are voting for McCain...don't remind them! Just kidding- we all need to vote, regardless of who your candidate is!
Hearing Uncle Aaron (billye's uncle) talk about still having his dad's poll tax...was so moving for me. There was a time when we couldn't vote and then there was a time where we had to pay to rock the vote! I'm glad change has come...and I'm looking forward to more change once Barack Obama becomes (my) THE President of the United States of this America!
I'm so excited...and so proud to be alive during this time. What a wonderful year!

comfort food....


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Tonight I made veggie lasagna....I figured we needed something to make us feel better after the devastating lost last night. It was pretty good....and I'm full....and I feel a bit better. It's amazing what good food can do for the body! Too bad we didn't have any I had to settle for the Lorna Doone cookies we had in the pantry from Hurricane Ike.
I was a little nervous because we didn't have any eggs to put in the Ricotta cheese...and I was too lazy to go to the store and get I just made it without it...and I couldn't even taste a difference....we sure know how to improvise around these parts!
I made a I'm gonna take some to work...Leigh Anne, you shouldn't have ever said you liked my lasagna....because you are getting a special package in the morning!
Anyway- I'm about to get ready for my Sunday dose of Army Wives....adios chicos!

Yes....we got molly wopped by Alabama


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Anyone who knows me...and knows me well...knows that my husband and I are DIE HARD UGA football fans. We watch every trash to anyone that wants to hear it...and will pay top dollars for tickets to the UGA/LSU game on 10.25 if anyone is selling them!
But last night was a HUGE disappointment for us....we never would have imagined that we would get killed by Alabama. Yes Alabama is ranked 8th, Yes they have a BEAST on their defensive line that we just couldn't stop....they call him Mt. Cody. Yes, they are good. I can't take that away from them...but come on'...we are talking about Georgia football here. We started off the season ranked #1....then moved to #3 only by winning every game and we have some great players that didn't even really get a chance to shine last night...bc we couldn't run the ball:
Knowshon Moreno who is being considered for the Heisman...a more than AWESOME running back, Matt Stafford our quarterback will probably be the #1 QB drafted in the NFL this year...if he decided to go, AJ Green, this freshman who is balling out of control...and that's just to name a few....but even they couldn't do much to help us win. In the first half we were losing 31-0. 31-0... and ended up losing 41-30.....UGA football?.....that just doesn't happen.
What in the hell happened to my team last night??? That was not UGA playing....they had to be imposters wearing the blackout jerseys...getting tore up by Alabama. We had so many penalties it was ridiculous...we beat ourselves up. We could have won that game...but we played terrible and they played one helluva football game.
My husband said that no team in the SEC will go undefeated this year. So we took our lost...took it early and I guess 11-1 ain't that bad. Last year we lost a couple games and still won the Sugar Bowl. This year we lost one..and hopefully it will be the last one...and we will win the BCS National Championship...yes I'm confident...and I dare you to say something about it!!!
This was a week of upsets...USC lost ( I was actually happy about that...which might have jinxed us a bit), Florida lost...and we lost. But the difference is that we lost to a Top 10 ranked team...and they lost to teams who weren't even ranked. So I'll take it..and I'll wear my UGA shirt and hat with pride....and take all trash talkers with a grain of salt.

anyone else disappointed??


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Yesterday im posted up in front of my TV...ready for 2 hours...well 88 minutes of non-stop exciting, enticing, entertaining TV.....however, I didn't get that. I have been a Grey's Anatomy fan for the last 2 seasons ( I started watching during season 3..and of course I caught up on season 1 & 2 thanks to some good friends who had the DVD set...thanks Shr'i and LeighAnne) but last night made me a little mad.
I mean, who was this dude...that just magically appeared and started working in the hospital...and how in the hell did Christina magically slip and fall and get stabbed with a freaking icecyle...are the writer's still on strike??? Was I punked last night...and the real season premiere is coming on next week? And why in the hell are they skipping a week...and not showing a new episode for 2 weeks?
Maybe I got my hopes up too high....people have said to me before, don't expect to much and you'll be happy with what you get. But that's BS....I do expect a lot from Grey's Anatomy bc they have always given such great entertainment.
However, the night did end well when Oregon State (an unranked team who was 1-2) BEAT USC an overrated #1 team! My did end well indeed!
I guess I just have to get ready for the return of my other favorite TV show The Game which premieres October 3. I think they may be setting this show up for failure by moving it to Friday night. But thank goodness for DVR!

TONIGHT: the return of one of my favorite shows!


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I am so super excited that Grey's Anatomy is returning tonight for 2 hours! I have been long awaiting this day and will ignore every phone call, email, etc for the entire two hours. So if you are trying to contact me- please do it before 8 or after 10!
I saw a preview the other day- and it looks like Mr. McDreamy may have a baby's mama...and it ain't Meredith! I wonder how this is going to affect their relationship. I was really excited at the end of last season when she finally realized what she needed to overcome in order to be in a healthy relationship...bc that thing was far from healthy! I was rooting for her to keep her man! But what will this do to them...I guess I will know sooner or later.

I really want Miranda to get her marriage back in order. She has let her career ruin her home life...and that is never good! Scooter (lol...I just can't seem to detach him from that character...even on Prison Break!) seems like a good guy....and she messed it up. I could tell that she really didn't intend to do it- but she took him for granted...thinking he wouldn't leave....even when the fool sent George in there to tell her that he wanted a divorce if she didn't come! Yes, that is a reality for women/men who focus so much on their careers...but let's see some positive come from this. Send the message that you can still be a successful career person and have a good family/home life. None of them really do...and it sucks! But i'm pulling for good healthy relationships in Season 5.
Let's do it gang!
Can't wait until 8pm.

undocumented families need help too


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Hurricane Ike destroyed the property of many folks in The Houston/Galveston area. About 1/3 of the city STILL does not have power 12 days after the storm...and some people do not have running water. Many of the POD locations have closed and FEMA is not as helpful as some would imagined they would be...even after having 3 years to get it together from Hurricane Katrina.
But my issue today is that there isn't any agency (to my knowledge) that is offering assistance to undocumented families. Now i'm not talking about a bag of ice and water....but more pressing things like financial assistance for their lost or damaged property or shelter/hotel vouchers, etc. I work at a school that has a Hispanic population of about 98%...and we have a few families that are undocumented. I have been wrecking my brain and using my very best social work skills to search high and low for some assistance for our kiddos....and it's not the kids that are's their parents. My heart really goes out to these families who cannot apply for FEMA and get the resources that they are offering. Many people have their own opinions about what should and shouldn't be allowed or "given" to undocumented people. But in a time of crisis...when people are in need and their children are going without, that really shouldn't matter.
I hope that by the end of the week, my hope is restored and I will find an agency that will supply financial assistance to these families who have lost so much due to this natural disaster. Many of them are hourly workers, and if places have been closed for 12 days because of no electricity or due to damage...then they haven't been able to work. And unless they are balling or are great savers....then that missed worked time is going to hurt them...Hell, it would hurt me if I were an hourly worker!
I'm kinda frustrated today because we have several families that need help...and it's kinda my job to help them get those resources...and i'm not having a whole lot of luck.
But my School Director GET'S IT! Tomorrow, I am going to Sam's club to buy food for our families that are running low and hopefully add a smidget of joy to their lives.
I am really happy that we didn't have as many kiddos affected my this storm as I had imagined. Monday night I could hardly sleep thinking about the issues that I would face when the kids came back Tuesday. But God is good, as I always say! Our students are back at school and ready to learn IN SPITE OF!
I really do love my job...even when the job feels impossible! Just gotta keep on keeping my grandma Mrs. Minnie (rest her soul) used to say!

I was cool with Ike until now.....


Written on 6:00 PM by gracefully discovering:

So you know, I wasn't all that mad at Ike because he didn't tear my house up and having the power off wasn't all that bad for me....but Ike has gone too damn far.

Because of him.....I can't go see The Color Purple tomorrow...that I had been waiting on for months. We purchased very good seats and I already had my outfit planned out and I got my hair done today. But because of Ike....who caused power to go out all over the city...and many people and places still do not have power...and because of it- we have a curfew in Houston...and because of the CURFEW we can't see the show because it would let us out too late....and NO THEY ARE NOT ADDING MORE SHOWS....AND YES ALL OF THE TICKETS TO THE OTHER SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT.

My feelings are hurt and I'm pissed off at Ike.

how cute is this....


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This is by far the cutest picture that I have ever taken. I am in love....
so I tried to get one as cute as theirs..but it didn't quite work out for sad..maybe one day!

I just think this picture is what if you don't!

and for some reason I couldn't rotate cock your head to the you can get a good look!

there are good people in the world


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Just wanted to share a blessing with you all that was given to me and my boo tonight. We went to Fridays for dinner which is about the only food place opened over here....since we only had snacks and can goods to eat. Anyway we sit down and across from us is this lady and her two kids...and the kids seemed to be having fun with their mom..which was kinda weird because the girl was a teenager!!
Anyway- we order our food and it comes out looking and smelling we send it back and it comes back the same exact way. You know how you fry chicken in dirty grease...and it gets too dark and doesn't look good....yeah so that's how my fried shrimp and his chicken strips came out. But the manager told us that's how they are supposed to look...well you could have fooled me because this picture that made me want these fattening fried shrimp were golden brown not doo doo brown.
Anyway- I order something else...something more healthy....grilled salmon, broccoli and rice. So back to the lady...she gets up after they finished their food and did a few old school dance moves at the table...she tells us that she is taking care of our bill because she noticed that we were having such a hard time..and wanted to make that part easy for us. After we told her several times, that she really didn't have to do that...she said "That's what we do...when we belong to the King" Nick made a good point...that she taught her kids a life lesson in that moment. God is good as I say all of the time and He truly shines through others. We didn't know this lady from Adam and we probably won't see her again...but she really was a blessing to us tonight. She made me want to be a better person and do things for people more often. Which makes me think about a kind act my hubby did the other day. When we were driving to our house for the first time after the storm to see what damages were done..there was this homeless guy standing at the light asking for money. We didn't have cash and Nick always wants to give $- but not me bc I have been played a few times..but I will give food. Anyway- it's raining hard...and he gives the guy the umbrella so he won't get wet outside in the rain...he then looks at me and says..we'll get you another one. I guess he read my "ummmm it's raining and my hair is gonna get wet!!!"
Anyway- let's all do something nice and unexpected for someone this week. It really makes people feel good when we do selfless things and not look for anything in return!

an eventful few weeks


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Boy have I had an eventful past couple of weeks...thus the reasoning for my absence here in the blogosphere! My apologies to the folks who stop by for regular updates...I will definitely try not to EVER go this long again without at least saying "hey guys, I'm alive."

Anyway, where do I begin...I guess I will start with the most recent string of events.

HURRICANE IKE: I'm sure many of you have been watching nonstop coverage on our boy "Ol Ike"...and I'm sure many of you know how messed up he left so many people in Houston, Galveston and cities in between.
Well here is my personal story with Ol Ike. Before Thursday (9/11) I really didn't think that much about Ike. I heard he was father in-law told me that we needed to buy tickets and come home to avoid the raft of Ike, people kept asking me if we were going to evacuate...but still there wasn't any sense of urgency for me or my husband. But I get to work Thursday (my first day back after the accident...which I'll get to later) and I'm excited to be back...even though I'm still hurting a bit...and we have this all school morning meeting...which rarely happens...and our school Director says that we are having a half day and leaving at 1:30 so that our students and staff can properly prepare for Hurricane Ike. So now I'm thinking, damn this must be serious...bc we don't really do the whole get of school for nothing thing. So anyway, I go back to my office- see a few kids that had been looking for me all week and then I get a text from my husband asking me to get needed supplies for the storm. Now anyone who knows my husband knows that he doesn't make a big deal out of anything...and he had already said that we weren't leaving bc this wasn't really gonna be anything just like the last one. (we had decided we weren't ever leaving again..especially by car...because the last time we evacuated for Hurricane took us about 30 hours to get to Ft. Worth which is about a 3 hour ride..and nothing happened to the city..but heavy rain fall.) Anyway- so I go to the HEB grocery store and get some food, flashlights, water, etc...but they were out of ice and bread. So i go to about 3 more stores and they too were out of bread and ice...and here is when I knew I should be worrying...I pull up to the Wal-mart about 3:30pm and THEY WERE BOARDED UP AND THE WORKER TOLD ME THEY WERE CLOSED. Now in all of my life...I have never seen a closed Wal-mart! So I called my husband and said...are you sure we shouldn't leave...I mean, even the Wal-mart is boarded up. By this time they had already announced a mandatory evacuation for Pearland.

So we decided that we weren't gonna leave the city- but we would go to a friends house that was more inland and more north than where we lived. But we had to find a friend that wouldn't mind us bringing our baby Ryan. So we went to JB's and crashed there for a few days.
So Ike comes in the middle of the night Friday and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life. Talk about being scared. The wind was blowing harder than I ever could have imagined...and for a very long time. I thought it wouldn't stop...I went to sleep and woke up hours later and HE was still at it.

But let me tell you how I beat the hell out of myself. So in the midst of Ike, I'm trying to stay awake...but I end up nodding off at some point. As I'm "resting my eyes"(like my grandaddy used to say) I hear a loud boom...and I jump up and scratch the crap out of the right side of my face. I normally sleep with my head on my arm or hand..and I guess i jumped up too quickly and my nail caught my face. Well the power was out so I couldn't really see...and Nick and JB were taping down a window that Ike had blown through...
so I make my way to the bathroom to wet a napkin to put on my face bc at this point it's burning...and I feel the blood! I then go to where they are and Nick said..what happened to your face..did Ryan scratch you? (BTW- Ryan cried through the whole storm...I should slap Ike for making my baby that scared). Yes, that's how bad it was. And of course my husband being Mr. funnyman himself.. says " Babe, you the only woman I know who can whip her own ass!"

So the damage that Ike did to our city was...well minimal compared to our friends in Galveston. We had a lot of trees down, messed up roofs, tons of power lines down and millions without power. But God is really good and we only suffered damage to our fence and went without power for about 4 days. (which is why i'm just now writing this). So we are definitely blessed beyond measure. But look at some of the damage in our neighborhood
While were out of power mi esposa and I had some really great times. We made the best of the situation....and truly enjoyed each others company!

We played lots of games of Uno and created several other games to keep each other "name that dvd" or "guess the Spanish word" or 20 questions, etc. Well you get the point. Times like this will really really let you know how much you like a person. Some people would go crazy if they had nothing to do but talk and play games with their spouse for 4 days...but WE LOVED IT! No TV, internet, phone or work to disturb us. I really do love my husband..he is my best friend and I had so much fun with him during the storm!

Moving on to the next little crazy event in my life....Saturday 9/6 we were driving to a basketball tournament that Nick was gonna play in with our church and bammmm...these 3 guys in a STOLEN Expedition hit us on the rear left side, spun us around...hit us again and then we hit a pole! Yep, you read it right...we got hit twice and then hit a pole. AND ONCE AGAIN I TELL YOU THAT GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD! We walked out of the car with no broken bones, fractures or cuts. Just some neck and back pain. Well get this....the guys that hit us...jumped out of the SUV and ran on foot. mmmhmmm they sure did. We didn't actually see them...but this lady came up to the car asking if we were Nick asked her if she was okay thinking she was the one that hit us...and she said "Oh I wasn't in the accident, the guys just ran off". So at this point I am freaking whole body goes numb and tingly and im hyperventilating (for the 1st time in my life actually). So I hear like 4 -5 different voices...but if you paid me $1million to tell you what they looked like..I couldn't. Not once, did I look head was buried into Nicks chest crying my heart out...until the ambulance came and taped me down to the gurney and took me to the hospital. I was so scared...but the EMT told me that because I was hyperventilating I was causing my body to be numb and tingly...and I wasn't in fact paralyzed (even though I was standing when I thought I could be lol). I'm telling you...this whole scene was something out of a movie..people from the community coming out to witness to the police, some older black lady telling me to just hold on to my faith in God, and some man from the neighborhood who chased down the guys who hit us...but didn't catch them.
Anyway- Nick rides with me in the ambulance bc he lied and said he wasn't feeling any that he could be with me...bc I was clearly freaking out! Turns out..he did have some pain..and his neck is still hurting. Anyway, the Dr. took some X-rays and I was fine...he just gave some drugs and told me rest and go back to work in a few days. Here are some photos from the hospital..we had to do something while we waited hours for them to come back and see me.

So I promise that these pictures were taken several hours after the accident...after I calmed down and the numb and tingly feelings went away. Sarita took a picture when I was still in shock and crying mode...and she hasn't emailed it to me yet...and she probably won't because she doesn't have a good track record of handing over the I mean. We had to make the best of the situation. I do have good friends. Thanks Rita for being there with us..and taking us home....and missing your hubby play in the tournament! I love ya girl.

almost did my Top 10 list....


Written on 3:56 PM by gracefully discovering:

So at the beginning of my summer break, I came up with this list of things that I wanted to get done before the summer was over and I am proud to say that I accomplished most of them.

1. Potty train Ryan ( our new dog!) DONE

2. Finish 3 scrapbooks NOPE NOT YET..but I finished 1 and 2 photo albums

3. Read at least 4 books for pleasure HA- WELL I FINISHED 3!

4. See my nephew Deylon and my niece Alyssa : UNFORTUNATELY I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THEM AT ALL..AND I'M SAD ABOUT IT

5. Lose 10 pounds: LOST 7

6. Get my kitchen faucet replaced: DONE...hubby got it replaced!

7. Get my car windows tinted: husband surprised them done while I was in France and picked me up in my car...with the freshly tinted windows!

8. Get my hair dyed: DONE

9. Learn to make good lasagna: DONE


Why Lawd Why is my Electric Bill so High??!!


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I don't get it! Why is our electric bill almost $300 bucks and we aren't even home that much. Both of us get home around 6pm...while we are gone- LIGHTS ARE OFF AND SO IS THE AIR! When we are at home, we don't leave lights on in rooms that we are not in, and the air is at a reasonable temperature...we even set the timer to the TV so that it's not on all through the night!
Now that sounds like some pretty conservative electric handlers to me! I think it's a conspiracy. There is no way that we could have possibly run up a bill that high. Maybe the rates have been jacked up since gas prices are rising or because the economy is bad. But I never got a letter in the mail telling me that our rates were changing.
I think I'm gonna have to start using candles like my good friend Sarita suggested! I mean, it's a shame...I don't even want to pay it. Not because we cant afford it- but the freaking idea of dropping $300 on any bill that's not mortgage, car note or credit card just annoys me. But I guess I really don't have a choice do I?? We can't be in the darkness and we fo sho can't be without air...because we do live in Texas!
I guess I'll just call the electric company and complain...and threaten to leave for another company that has lower rates...and see how they can compensate me! Works every time!

Successful 30 day VEGETARIAN!


Written on 12:57 PM by gracefully discovering:

Today marks 30 days that my husband and I have been on a no meat/fat snacks at all diet! At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it without some soda, candy occasionally, ground turkey, fish, shrimp or sumn...see I've already told y'all that I could do without chicken for the rest of my life.
But anyway- I doubted myself (internally)...but today I am proud to say that WE MADE IT! I never had any doubt in him, because he is good with stuff like stuff up and not cheating or backing out of the plan...but not me! Most of the things that we say we're gonna give up (sodas, fried foods, bread, etc) I always seem to not make it to the finish line..BUT THIS TIME I DID! And I'm actually really excited that I stuck with it. Not one time during the past 30 days did I feign for meat. Well I lied..this one time I wanted some fish tacos bad...but I held out! But for the most part I was good. I actually liked being a vegetarian. My body feels better because we didn't eat the fat snacks, fries, sodas, etc. I even lost some weight. 7 pounds to be exact!
I think I'm gonna continue with this lifestyle. I will add seafood back into my diet...but I think I'm gonna lay off of the other stuff. I feel a lot better- and I want to keep it that way. Am I saying that I will NEVER eat a fat snack, or drink a soda, or have a turkey burger and fries...NOPE! But I am saying that I want to live a healthy life...and that includes eating well.
One day we would like to have a baby...and I want my body to be a nice healthy place for our child to live for 9 months!
So I'm working on getting healthy...for me and for them! Eating well, exercising, limiting stress in my life, lots of laughter and happiness and just total peace.
So here's to 30 days as a vegetarian...and many more days as a pescatarian! (thats a vegetarian who eats think...I didn't make that word up!)

el cepillado en mi español = brushing up on my spanish


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You know the phrase "If you don't use it, you'll lose it"....well that is exactly what happened to me. I took Spanish for 4 years in High School and 2 years in College...and I was actually pretty good in high school...but somewhere between 2001 and understanding and ability to speak the Spanish language has dwindled.
Unfortunately for me, I live in Texas and work at a school with approx a 98% Hispanic population...I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK SPANISH!
Last year, I would have parent meetings and some of our parents are spanish speaking only, so I would need a translator. But in my profession- most things are I would have to break that students confidentiality with the translator because I couldn't communicate with his/her parents. I was also a little frustrated because the parents and translator would talk for several minutes and then the translator would tell me in a few words what they talked about. Now I know the English language and the Spanish language are different and sometimes things are very wordy in Spanish...but I know it didn't take all of that time to say what I said!
Also, many conversations with parents are very uncomfortable and hard things to talk about...what if the translator isn't saying what im saying with the same level of compassion and sensitivity as I would. I wouldn't really that is why I need to get it together and learn to speak Spanish again so that I can communicate with my parents without using a translator. I'm not saying that our translators are horrible...I just want to be able to do the job that I know everything that is being said and I can communicate it to them in my own tone!
Two of my favorite people at work- our wonderful Janitorial staff...who have dubbed themselves mi tia's here at YES have offered to help me with my Spanish. We will only speak in English. I think I may also take Rosetta Stone or see if there is a conversational Spanish classes at one of the local colleges around here. I can understand some things...but a lot of times I'm at a lost of words when I try to express myself.
So, if you know Spanish- no hábleme en inglés más, esta bien?
Hopefully, by next year this time...i'll be bilingual again!
Adios chicos!

mushy monday postponed...its mad as hell Monday today!


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My ship and one of my most favorite prohpytes just reminded me that it was Mushy Monday. But i'm really not in any mood to write about anything great and happy and mushy after watching that video (please check out link in the post below).
So today is Mad as Hell Monday...because it's very very very frustrating to watch this. But Kristal made a very good point..that this is exactly why we do the work that we do. We do it so that we can press through this madness and teach our kids a better way of life, a better way to behave, but most importantly a better way to love themselves, respect their bodies, mind and spirit.
This is giving me a new vision...
So to hell with Mushy Monday today and hello to Mad as Hell about what our babies are learning and becoming.
Y'all pray for me!

My heart is hurting....and I want to cry


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Okay, so this post is about to be a huge rant because I am completely disturbed. My good friend Shr'i sent me this forward...and I normally don't even pay attention to forwards...but for some reason I opened this video this morning.

I tried to post the video...but for some reason I couldn't save it to my computer. This is a must see....please go look at this and write a comment about what you think.
These kids can't be more than 7 years old and they look like they just stepped out of the Nelly Tip Drill video. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
I mean, we used to have dance competitions at birthday parties...but we NEVER had sex with our clothes on. THESE ARE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My question is....where are their parents...and who in the hell was video taping them. It had to be an adult...and instead of stopping them from grinding each other up...they decided to tape. NO ONE stopped them...well for at least a minute and a half.
I really don't even know what to say...except. BLACK FOLKS. WE GOTTA DO BETTER! This is partly why we have so much teenage pregnancy...because some parents aren't teaching their little girls to be ladies. Instead they are teaching them how to dance like strippers...because baby girl saw this somewhere...maybe mommy, maybe videos...I don't know...but she LEARNED this from someone. I can't even do the stuff she was doing!
I am so furious right I'm really sad right now. My heart is hurting and the happiness that I had for the first day of school is gone. I have so many mixed emotions right now: sadness, anger, disgust, frustration, anxiety, and pain. I truly believe that is the partly the reason why our teenage pregancy rate is so high...because at 7 they are dancing and grinding and basically "doin it" with their clothes on ....and at 12- they are really doing it and getting pregnant. We have got to teach our girls how to be ladies...and our boys how to be gentlemen. I could go on and on and on...but........
I need to do some work..I mean it is the first day of school. But I had to post this because I am just speechless.......damn!

got a good word yesterday!


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So for the past 6 months, my husband and I have been battling with leaving our church home. We have been members of New Life for a little over 3 years now and we have grown very close to our church family. However, we have moved out of the city and into the burbs...placing us about 45 minutes from our church. Initially, we were like "yep we're leaving" because it's really ridiculous to have to drive that far when gas is $4.00 a gallon almost. But it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to go ahead and switcharoo!
Anyway- we have been skipping a few Sundays at New Life to visit some churches REALLY close to our so close we could walk if it weren't 145 degrees outside! So yesterday we went to Crossroads Community Church (which is right across the street..thank you Jesus). We have visited this church a few times...and we like it...but we never really got to hear the Pastor speak..the first time we went it was Youth sunday, then we went back..but were late..and came in on the middle of a chump off sermon..then he got into a really bad motorcycle accident, so that the last two times we have gone- have been Associate Pastors preaching. Well both of the Associate Pastors sermons..I LOVED!
So back to the point of the story- my good word yesterday!
The Minister- who normally leads praise and worship was preaching for the day! This lady ushered the Spirit of God in and right on inside of me. She preached on "A Higher Calling" about how God is waiting on us to answer him YES to do His will...and how we have to keep pressing though when life comes at us. I think this really hit home for me because I have been dealing with myself- because I KNOW that I am not fulfilling my duties that he has for me. There is so much more than I need to do for the Lord..but I don't. I am praying for God to help me surrender to him and allow me to do what he wants me to do.
So y'all pray for me!
This sermon was so awesome...that I bought the CD. I NEVER EVER buy Cd's....but I had to have this message on hand when I need a pick me up...and a little motivation. I listened to it in the car this morning...and while sitting at my desk doing some work to prepare for the year! I have passed it along to one of my spiritual sisters/coworker so she could get a blessing as well.
I was truly blessed yesterday and am very thanksful for the message that was brought to me from my Father through Minister Lenora Jones.

Mushy Mondays


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Last summer my friend LaSonya was here doing an internship because she is in Pharmacy school- and she got me hooked on the Lifetime TV show Army Wives. This show has become one of my favorites...right up there with The Game!
Last night as I was watching Army Wives and running on the treadmill trying to burn off the two cupcakes that I had for dessert- I had a revelation!
These women go through so much and I rarely hear people giving them props for being the devoted, strong women that they are. I mean, we always hear people praising troops (which I do think they should be praised)...but what about the wives and husbands who hold their families down while their spouse is gone for months at a time? I can imagine how lonely they must feel... hell, I get lonley and miss my husband if he leaves for a week.
My aunt has been an army wife for almost 30 years and her daughter- my cousin who was a Mushy Monday recipient a few weeks back is about to marry a man in the Army as well. Last night I was just thinking about what issues they have/will go through and how I don't think I could ever be in their positions.
I send a special prayer of patience, devotion, dedication, strength, favor, reduced stress, and an extra helping of love to sustain all of these women.....but especially my cousin who is about to embark on this long journey of army wifedom!
So, todays Mushy Monday post goes to all of the army wives and husbands across the Nation! Thank you for all that you do!



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Today marks 2 years since we vowed to love each other forever and ever and ever and ever! And I must say that it has been a wonderful two years for us. I couldn't think of anyone more perfectly compatible than us two together. We were truly designed by God himself to be husband and wife forever and ever and ever!

I figured i'd list the top 10 things that I love about my husband and our marriage- since today is our anniversary!

1. I love love love how we treat one another: with love and compassion, respect and admiration, honesty and trust, communication and good listening skills, etc.
2. I love how we can have fun with each other and do absolutely NOTHING!
3. I love how we share responsibilities
4. I love how even though my husband is the head of our household, he values and cherishes my thoughts and opinions and we make decisions together.
5. I love how thoughtful he is. The little things always count...and the big ones do too..but little ones have a lot of meaning
6. I love love love how he is so appreciative and says THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! And you know, that's not to be taken for granted, bc I know many of wives/girlfriends who always gripe about their men not saying thank you or appreciating things that they do. My husband is very good in that department- he says thank you for ev-e-ry thing that I do...and I really appreciate it because it makes me want to do things for him even more!
7. I love how he is so giving...the man can give some good gifts! I mean, its been 6 years and he has never seemed to dissapoint me! I can always count on him to do me right!! And he puts a lot of thought into the gifts and last minute pick me ups! And not only to me is he giving...but he has a good heart and is always willing to help someone out.
8. I love how we give each other space to do our own personal stuff...some men/women trip about their spouses hanging out with their girlfriends/homeboys or just doing stuff without them. But we don't! We encourage each other to hang out with friends..and have personal me time! Its very healthy!!
9. I love how we are so in love with each other...and we are growing more in love everyday!
10. And I love how mind blowing...well... that ain't none of y'alls bidness!!

I know y'all may not be concerned with my joy and happiness that I get from being married to the World's Greatest Husband...but I just needed to blog about it for me!

Oh and...I got my new wedding band for our anniversary....and I must say...IM SHINING ON 'EM!

Mushy Monday


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It's almost 8pm and I forgot about mushy monday...good thing I remembered before it was too late!

This weeks mushy monday post goes baby Ryan. I know he has been terrible in the past weeks chewing up my walls and stuff...but today when I came home he had thrown up in the crate. We noticed that he had some worms in his poop last week and I went to the vet and got the pill to kill it....but i'm not so sure it worked...because they were there again today....which might be the cause of the vomit

Anyway- when I walked in the house, he started crying to get out. I let him out, cleaned the crate...and just felt really bad for him.

I felt kinda helpless because I don't know what is causing him to be so sickly....he's had something or another since we've gotten him. I feel like it's partly our fault because we should make sure that he is protected from these sorts of things.

Anyway, when he came back in from using it- I just let him lay in my lap for about an a mommy would do her sick child :)-

My baby is sick and there is not much I can do about it. I am tired of giving the Vet our we are gonna wait this one out and see if he gets better!

So my mushy monday goes to my sickly child....whom I love so much!

P.S I went to Hobby Lobby today and got some doggie scrapbook materials! I'm excited to document this time in our lives...with our new addition to the family!

Happy Birthday to me!


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So today I turned the big 25! As my dear friend Sarita says " I'm finally legitimate"

It's really rainy here today- due to Hurricane i'm not really feeling the bright sunshiney mood that I should have on such a special day as such!

I've received countless facebook birthday messages, text messages and phone calls from people all over the Country that love me! (or maybe just like me...or maybe just saw that it was my bday on facebook and thought it'd be nice to tell me to have a happy one!) But nonetheless, I am feeling the love on this very rainy dreary day!

So, i've told you all before how I have the best husband in the world right? Right- so my husband...who is the best husband in the world, got me this James Avery charm bracelet that I have been wanting for a while. He says that this bracelet will help tell the story of our lives because he will get a charm for every significant time in my life. So my bracelet now has a #25 charm, because he got it for my 25th bday, a heart that says " you will always be in my heart" because he says that he always carries me in his heart everywhere he goes; and a dog bone...for our first child Ryan! I am so excited about this gift because it is so sentimental. My best friend Mesita told me that I have a really good man..and he is so romantic...and I told her that I already knew that!!! :)-

I look forward to seeing what other charms he gets me...and I wonder how long its gonna take for it to get full. I was getting may hair done last night (picture of that..scroll down) and the girl that does my hair..said that on her wedding day her husband gave her a James Avery charm bracelet and has given her a charm every year on their anniversary! It's been 9 years and her bracelet still isn't full! But I think its so beautiful....anyway- here is a picture of my bracelet...and once its full...not sure how many years from now that will be...but i'll post another picture for all to see! As mentioned earlier I went to get my hair done last night! Went in for a color and trim...came out with a color and a cut! Got my hair cut in a very cute bob (bc she says that my ends were split bad...and they were...but probably not as bad as she made it seem). I love my hair cut though...even though the hubby wants me to let it grow out! I told him that it won't grow out if its not healthy! I was worried that he wouldn't like it...BUT HE DID! So that made me feel better about loving it so much!
This picture was taken this morning at work...yeah I all are probably wondering why i'm at work having a photo shoot....but hey! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

This picture really doesn't do my cut justice...but it was the best i could do by myself. Felt kinda weird asking someone to come and take a picture of me! Hopefully, i'll get a better one soon!

Mushy Monday


Written on 9:27 AM by gracefully discovering:

Today's mushy Monday post goes to my cousin Ti Parker. She is my big cousin (just a few years older than I) but when we were little..I used to always run behind her and get on her nerves...following her everywhere she went! She even got in trouble one time for leaving me because I told my auntie that she was being mean and left me for her cousin on her dads side!

Anyway- over the years we have gotten really close. We went through a rough patch a few years back...but I am so happy to say that things are back to normal now. I don't think she realizes how much I love her and value our relationship. We were ALWAYS each others sisters that we never had. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

She's getting married in a few months and I am soooooooooooo happy for her! I cannot wait to witness the day that she walks down the aisle- just as beautiful as ever and become one with her long time partner! Her fiance' is in the army and they are being reassigned soon. I have this hopeful theory that they will be stationed in Houston...or somewhere in Texas so we can be closer and I can watch their son (my godson) grow up. I have never had the privilege of being around him for more than a few days at a time...and I would love to have that opportunity!

I just want my cousin to know how much I love proud I am of her for being a GREAT mommy, a hardworking employee and (i hope) a nice, sweet loving, caring, mushy fiance! (inside inside joke..she will understand).

Oh and I have asked the Lord to forgive her and Geno for lying about the Scene It game...even though they are trying to live their lives right...some old habits just don't die! WE (the Richardsons) won that game...not y'all! So please get over it! Rematch when y'all get settled in your new home in Houston! (hey a girl can have faith!)

remembering the days of welfare!


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Yesterday at Sunday dinner we were reminiscing on the days of food stamps (before there was the EBT card...and you had a book of stamps..that looked like fake money!), welfare checks, section-8 housing, government cheese, powdered milk, butter and eggs! Many of us at the table had grown up in families where welfare was the only way we survived...without it, I know for sure my family would not have eaten, paid rent or paid the bills.

After my parents separated in 1990....our house burned down and we moved to Mechanicsville, an inner city project of Atlanta. That is where I experienced my first run at shame for being poor. Even though EVERYONE over there was poor and on was just something about going to the corner store and buying stuff with food stamps. I used to BEG my mama not to send me to the store with food stamps. This is how bad it was- if I knew someone in the store, I would walk around until they were gone before I went to the counter with our groceries...even though I just saw them buy their stuff with food stamps!

This was such an embarrassing time for me- I'm not even really sure why. But being on public assistance just had a bad stigma to it!
My brother really didn't have a problem with it- I don't think...bc I never heard him complaining. But I had countless days of begging to the point of tears for my mom to go to the store her damn self to get the overpriced bread, milk, cheese, meat, or whatever else we were buying with a book of stamps!

Now that I look back- it wasn't all that bad! I mean we never were hungry and we always had a roof over our heads! I actually am thankful for the assistance that we received.
But I do believe that some people get too comfortable with public assistance that it hinders them from wanting to better themselves. I mean, if you can eat, sleep, pay your bills, buy your kids clothes...FOR FREE...then why would you want to go and get a job (that probably won't pay you as much). I haven't looked at the recent welfare reform requirements. I'm pretty sure that in order to receive assistance, one has to have or job or be looking for a job. But let me double check that I'll update ya later.

Some people really need assistance to feed, clothe, and house their children. But some people really are abusing the system and need to get it together- so that we can break the generational cycle of poverty! Let's teach our kids to be self sufficient, independent, hard-working and diligent so that when they are older, they will not need public assistance. None of my mothers children have relied on public assistance since we have been grown and that is a blessing. But it surely helped us out while we were children!

the proof is in the pudding


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My wall...that he chewed through..........

a closer look....all the way to the metal...this had to hurt his teeth!

so...hubby was in the living room...just chillen...and realized that not only did he chew the wall...but at some point...he chewed through our NEW chair..."the pop chair" as my mother in-law calls it!yep....he sure did!
this is his "room".....but no more roaming around....he has to go to jail now!

i'm locked up....they won't let me out!

gotta get more toys!


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So I walk in the house last night- excited to see Ryan because I bought him some new rawhide toys! He apparently is teething and needed some harder-more tough toys than the ones we had previously gotten him.

I go into his little space- which we have created for him in the hallway..marked off by a gate and his I go to take him out of the crate and realized that this little boy has chewed through my wall! THROUGH MY WALL! He chewed through the paint, drywall and all the way to the metal scrap. I couldn't believe it! I called Nick immediately, because I figured he had already seen it and cleaned up the mess- because there weren't any pieces on the ground. Well hubby had no idea what I was talking Ryan must have eaten the wall! (is that going to make him sick??)

Anyway- once daddy got home..Ryan got a beating and was on punishment for the rest of the night...only to be forced to look at his new rawhide toy- that he couldn't play with. But we put it close enough to his crate so that he would be pissed off that he couldn't get to it. It was the funniest thing ever watching him pawing and licking through the crate to try and get the rawhide bone! We got a kick out of that. I think Nick recorded it on his once I figure out how to get that on here...I'll be sure to post it.

I still can't believe he did that! He may be sentenced to the crate forever...because I can't have him chewing my walls up!

lamb is red meat


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me (on the phone): hey babe...when are you coming home because I cooked a really good meal.
him: be home in about 30 mins gotta help ____ do something real quick
me: okay well speed it up...I'm starving!!
he walks into the kitchen: food smells good, what is it?
me: it's a surprise!
him: what is it?
me: it's lamb chops! have you ever had lamb chops
him: yeah
me: oh I didn't know that...well I've never had them
him: babe, the food looks great and smells delicious and all....but....WE DON'T EAT RED MEAT!
me: but it's not beef or pork...we don't eat beef or pork!
him: no babe....we don't eat red meat!
me: i asked the man in the store if this was beef or pork and he said no!!
him: i know..its not beef or pork but its red meat.
me: well we are eating this tonight!!!

So while I thought that I was giving us an alternative to chicken....i messed up our no red meat diet! even though I really thought we were just giving up beef and pork...but I guess the no red meat thing kinda makes some sense!

Anyway- dinner was magnificent according to my to hell with the red meat diet for one night!

tried a new meal


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since January 2008....the hubby and I have given up beef and pork. So all we really have been eating is CHICKEN, turkey and fish...oh and more CHICKEN!
Because I'm tired of chicken... I decided to try and make something different. I have never eaten lamb I made lamb chops, potatoes, onions and bell peppers all drenched in a Merlot wine sauce and cream of mushroom...and some green beans!
Mighty tasty- if I must say so myself!
I think I'm gonna continue to look for more dishes because I can't eat anymore baked matter how you make it or try and spice it's still baked chicken!

the start of mushy mondays...1st one dedicated to my favorite man of all times!


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So I have decided that every Monday I am going to do a mushy post dedicated to someone that I love...or something that I really like. So the first mushy Monday post goes to the man that I love more than anything. The man who is so thoughtful and compassionate and genuinely cares about my wants and needs as a human his a black woman!

Sometimes....I don't think the words I LOVE YOU are strong enough for the feelings that I have for him.....actually they don't half way describe the butterflies that I still get in my stomach when he kisses me after 6 years, or the way his smile lights me up on the inside...or the way his real and raw sarcasm makes me mad...and then happy because it is who he is. I love you doesn't describe the way I feel when he holds me and comforts me when I'm sad or had a hard day. I love you doesn't explain his selflessness towards me and mine towards him. I wish I could find a few words that would sum it all up for me...but this is so amazingly beautiful.

When reading through an article in the paper about LOVE....I think the closest thing that was able to sum up part of my feelings was this:

Agape love - unconditional love that is always giving and impossible to take or be a taker. It devotes total commitment to seek your highest best no matter how anyone may respond. This form of love is totally selfless and does not change whether the love given is returned or not. This is the original and only true form of love.
My husband is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my provider, my protector, my best critic, my hugest supporter, and the love of my life. So today's mushy Monday post goes to
Mr. Norwood Nicholas Richardson
because these are the only words that I can find to describe my feelings..