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My last post talked about how my parents were coming to spoil me and fatten me up! Well they came and are now gone. For the past 10 days, I had breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for me. I even had breakfast and juice brought to my temporary room every morning!
So today, I get up and realize that I had to get up and go downstairs myself and FIND something to eat. There was nothing...I tried to make an omelet..and it didn't look I threw it away...I then proceeded to make a baked potato...and only ate half of that...and then I made a bagel and ate half of that. I finally gave up after I realized that I didn't want any of that food. I am now going through withdrawal.....hopefully someone will read this and feel sorry for me..then call me and tell me that they have prepared a special hot meal for me! (hint....Candace, Nicole, Rita...somebody!) Since no one has yet to offer that meal deal...i'm chillen in TCBY- sipping on a smoothie and using the net!
Having family in town in always good and fun....but it sure feels good to have your house back to normal almost! I'm trying to think if I will trade in our quiet normal everyday life in our house...for 3 cooked meals a day. I think I just might!!
Anyway- I'll post my Christmas pics later on...after all I'm in TCBY using their free wi-fi.
Peace out people!!

about to be spoiled and fattened up!!


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My mommy got here last night and my in-laws are coming tomorrow! I am so excited. I know that the next 10 days are gonna be like heaven for me.
My mom is cooking all of my favorite meals...I have already given her my list!!
My father in-law already said that he was cooking me breakfast every i'm looking forward to grits, turkey bacon, toast and some eggs on a daily basis!
My mother in-law...she won't cook for me...but she will shower me with so many other things!
This is gonna be wonderful!!
I hope you all have as good of a holiday season as I do!
I'm getting ready to be spoiled triple time! My husband does a great job of spoiling me all by just imagine what it's about to be like!!
MMMMMM...oh and I did I mention that i'm also happy they are coming because I love them all sooooooooooooo much and enjoy spending quality time with my family! Yeah, that too...not only because they are going to spoil me...but that's a great benefit!

I secretly love the Keyshia Cole show!


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I'm not sure that I have RANTED AND RAVED about how much I DESPISE BET on this blog yet...but I do. Ever since the beginning days of College Hill where they portrayed black educated folks like idiots and hoodrats! I remember writing a letter to BET demanding that they cancel the show...of course they never did. I mean, when I was growing up...I watched A Different World..and just knew that I was going to HIllman! Our young kiddos arent looking at College Hill and thinking man...I want to go to Johnson C. Smith so that I can dance on top of the pool table! It just sends the wrong messages about HBCU's.

Anyway- I just really can't stand would think that they would at least try and high light the good things that we do in the Black community...but no, they choose to air our dirty laundry...deep sigh!

But....but...but....there is ONE show that I secretly love on BET!

I have it set to my DVR to record every Tuesday night at 9pm. My husband can't stand it...but it is my guilty pleasure!

Frankie is my girl!! She is by far my favorite character on the show. In a very weird way- I think just her humor and some of the stuff she says...reminds me of my mama! Now don't get it mom is not like Frankie....but some of the things that come out of her mouth- Deborah Doreen would probably say!

I like how Keyshia takes care of her family and is trying to show them a different lifestyle. They all are a ghetto mess...but I can see the transformation happening before my eyes!! Especially with Neffie!
My favorite quotes from the show:
Keyshia to her mama: "Dang, MA! Why you gotta be so ghetto!!"
Frankie: Absolutely
Frankie: MAN DOWN CODE 10
Frankie: Hoooooooooooollllllllaa!

But anyway- I felt like it was my responsibility to put it out there that I am a Keyshia Cole fan....and I even went to buy her CD today! And you know I don't buy real cd's!!

Wednesday surprise...SNOW IN HOUSTON!


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Now, I lived in Chicago for four years and was really used to it being cold 9 out of the 10 months that I was there a year. I even almost adjusted to "the hawk" by layering up my clothes...always wearing tights...keeping the heat in my dorm room on HELL.

But 3 years ago...I moved to Texas- where I expected it to always be nice..maybe not HOT all of the time..but nice.

Well Wednesday, I wake up and I'm freezing in my Nick gets up and turns the heat on so that I can even begin to think about getting up and getting dressed for work. He even warmed my car up before he left for work (this is something that I thought I only had to do in Chicago) so that I wouldn't freeze to death.

Anyway, I'm freezing in my office all day...and that is pretty normal because for some office just can't get warm even if they turn the heat on which is hardly ever...but this day- the freaking space heater that I had...WENT OUT! So I'm tripping all day.

But none of that compares to this.

Yep, IT SNOWED IN HOUSTON TEXAS ON DECEMBER 10, 2008. I would have never believed it..if I didn't see it myself. So, there it is...PROOF that the world must be coming to a complete end!

Our first Christmas tree!


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Sunday night, Nick, Ryan and myself put up our very first Christmas tree in our home! Our families are coming next week for the of course we had to have a tree. It was pretty fun. I didn't know that artificial trees cost so much money though...someone could have warned me! But it's all good. Here are some photos

Me putting ornaments on the tree....we even got purple favorite color!

Nick putting the top of the tree on...almost complete!

Ryan wanted to help too....but we had to spray the tree so he wouldn't tear it up!

Trying to make the tree look full...but you know im always ready for a photo-op!

Finished product! Well not really because we still need to get a topper...and some more cool ornaments! But for now- it's the finished product! YAY for our first tree!

World AIDS Day


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I'm not even gonna insult your intelligence and give you the same story that I always give when I go a few weeks without blogging (although I think this must be the longest lapse in time). I always say that I won't do it again..which is probably a I'm not even going there this time. But I will say that I haven't been blogging lately because I can't blog about what I want to blog about just I've just been writing in my own personal journal. BUT fret not- I'll put the business out there on the world wide web soon enough people!!

Today is World AIDS Day! What exactly does that mean lady??!!
Well according to the World AIDS Day campaign "The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organizations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Whilst we have come a long ways since 1988, there is still much more to be done."

Let's do our part in spreading information about the AIDS epidemic that is affecting so many people across the World- and especially here in America- where the people who are suffering the most look like me.

So in doing my part- I will continue to advocate for comprehensive sex education programs to students across Texas. We have to educate our children on the safety measures of intercourse. Of course, we don't want them engaging in these types of activities but if they are, we MUST do our part and educate them on how to protect themselves if they are going to do it. I am very excited that our next President is a man who believes in comprehensive sex-education and maybe....just maybe he can have some influence over some ridiculous States that still believe that telling kiddos TO NOT DO IT is enough. I had a student ask me (after I asked her if she were on on birth control) where do I get it from? Can I buy it at Walgreen's? Yes, I'm serious. Mind you, this young lady is 18 and about to graduate from high school and go off to college not knowing where to get birth control from. Her parents never talked to her about it- the school hadn't talked about she doesn't know. By the way- she's pregnant. We have to do better.