today will be a sad day


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so today is first graduation here at YES. I thought my day would be filled with joy and relief that I am finally getting a break from waking up at 6:00am(well more like 6:20 as I try and squeeze in just a little more sleep), every monday- friday; relief from what can sometimes be a very emotionally draining job, relief from traffic in the morning, and most importantly relief from my daily cup of oatmeal...which appears to be the only thing I have time to eat- since I don't wake up early enough to make breakfast or eat cereal at home.

But it feels different for me. I'm sad.

I'm sad because of a very special group of girls that have really touched my life

I'm gonna go from seeing these girls at least 5 days a maybe...maybe if i'm lucky...5 days a year. We have all grown so close in such a short period of time and I am really going to miss them. They each have a very special place in my heart and have brought joy to my year in their own special way.

Here is what i'm going to miss:

*All of them coming to visit me every single day.....even when Mr. Hudley comes in and puts them out during lunch time.

*Taylor rambling off with a smidget of attitude on any given day!

*Keara looking for food in my office...then acting like she wasn't looking until I offer it to her!

*Nicole waiting for the food after Keara has taken it!

*Keara losing my things and then acting like its not her fault

*Nicole telling me constantly that she is not going to lose her job trying to hook me and my husband up with free popcorn and drinks at the movies!

*Nicole saying "oh uh-unh Mrs. Richardson

*Leah telling me she doesn't believe in counseling...after we had a 55 minute counseling session! and I told her that we just had counseling...and she said "forreal, well why didn't you say " so tell me how that makes you feel"! Hilarious

*Antwonette laughing like nobody's business...and not being able to stop

*Lynda bringing her moms queso and chips

*Lynda always asking questions after they have already been answered!

*Judy telling me that they are too loud in my office and that she has kids in the lab trying to learn!

*Cheerleading practice, games, attitude, tears and hot wings....dang..all of my cheerleaders are leaving...I have to recruit a whole new me Jesus!

*Them begging me to get them subway or whatever im eating for lunch

*Big hugs that show me that they LOVE me

*Nice post it notes left on my computer

*Them making cards for my husband when he passed the bar exam

*and of course me giving them the 411 on being a diva and a young lady...some of my famous quotes to them- that they always seem to talk about!

"Ladies, Ladies...Diva's do not take their shoes off...don't let me catch you walking around here barefeet" - at the prom

"Girl, why do you have that wrap scarf on and your hair is not even are not ghetto...take it off"- random days at school when some of them have scarfs on their heads.

"Ladies are seen and not don't have to be so loud honey"

"thanks, I try to do what I can do when I can do it"- after they tell me that my outfit is cute :)

Yes, we have had some great moments and I am going to miss them. I know that I will get a new group of chicas next year, but they will always be my very first group of favorite YES students.

All of them are going to great colleges next year: Creighton, Davidson, Syracuse, College of Wooster, Loyola in N.O, University of New Mexico and Harvard. I know that they all will be very successful, not just career wise, but successful in true happiness (words from Keara).

These are my girls and now they are leaving. Hopefully, i'll get to go and visit some of them at their respective colleges...but the way gas prices are...might not be looking so good!

This indeed is going to be a sad day. I'll make sure to have my tissue handy at graduation.

See ya later class of " will be greatly missed..I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

"Aw Hell Naw Mrs. Hilary"


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This is a classic picture...HILARious! Thanks Mesita for sending this to me. I can't stop laughing. I bet this cute little girl is saying..."puh-lease...ain't nobody voting for you...we voting for OBAMA!" I love it, I love it , I love it!
Just thought i'd sure many of you have already seen this...but I had to post it.



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Wouldn't be a YES trip without a.......... yep....a flat tire! Not even 45 minutes outside of SE Houston...we get a flat tire on I-10. So this wouldn't be a big deal IF we weren't on DA BIG CHEESE! But we were, NO AIR..on the side of the road in the middle of May in HOUSTON!! Needless to wasn't fun!

The reason why I say it wouldn't be a YES bus trip without bus issues is because on the 9th grade spring trip around Texas (on a Coach bus...thank ya lord) our bus broke down in lord knows where, Texas and we were stuck for about 4.5 hours. Luckily, our kiddos are great and didn't make a big deal about either break down!

Okay so we made it to San Antonio and had a ball at Fiesta Texas. Yes, Mrs. Richardson was ready to get on all of the roller coasters. However, one of the babiest rides (the swings..that I got on with a student bc she was a little scared of roller coasters) GOT ME SICK! I had been on all of the scariest roller coasters and a frickin swing takes me out of the game! But needless to say, I kept it moving after a $5 sprite and a $12 chicken tender meal..oh and don't let me forget the...funnel cake!
Here are a few good photos..chech them out

(1)hanging out in front of the waterfall before going on the superman! (2) teachers BEAT after riding all of the rides and burning up in 95 degree weather. (3) two of our cutest senior couples.

(4) me and the oh so fabulous John Corsen. (5) my babies whom I am going to miss GREATLY next year....really don't know what i'm gonna do without them checking in on me EVERY SINGLE DAY! graduation indeed will be a very sad moment for me.
I really do enjoy my job! It's the best place that I could be at this point in my life. We have some wonderful students that work really hard and all of our 78 seniors are graduating and going to College! (YAY!!)

say hello to.......well she doesn't have a name yet!


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bye-bye Viola...hello new best friend! Just thought i'd update you all...this past saturday my wonderful husband and I walked inside the Honda dealership and came out with a beautiful 2008 Honda Accord. I mean, we were the perfect tag team....our new names should be "the negotiators". I had a lot of fun demanding a good deal...and even grabbing my purse to walk out a few times! Talk about getting what you want.
Anyway- this won't be long...but of course I had to give yall the scoop! Hopefully i'll have a name for her soon...stay tuned!

I AM.........a professional


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Okay, so maybe that was a little excessive but these past 2 weeks have been all about self control for me!
Don't get my wrong NO ONE is more proud of my husband than ME....but I am not a trophy wife nor did I MARRY A LAWYER!
You will not believe some of the comments that I hear from i'll just tell you.
Here goes:
guy from church: so now that your husband is an attorney- does that make you an ATTORNEYIST?
my response: No, that makes him an attorney and me a Liscensed Master Social Worker
lady from church: Girl, you really grew up and married a lawyer! You know when we were little our mama's told us to grow up and marry a lawyer or a doctor... you really did it.
my response: your mama really told you to do that??
another lady from church: Hey, Sister Attorney at Law
my response: hey girl (but really im in my head like Craig's mama from Friday..the first one)
lunch lady at work: You married a lawyer?? BIIIIIIIIIIITCH! (in a joking way...even though I HATE that word)
my response:'re silly Ms. ____.
girl at work + 50 other random folks: How does it feel being a lawyers wife?
my response to ALL of them: It feels the same as being a law students wife.

I AM NOT A LAWYERS WIFE. I did not marry a lawyer! I married a Southern boy from Evans GA. who I met my freshman year of college-who went to NC A &T, worked at Abercrombie, sold his books one time to come and visit me in Chicago, went to law school, passed the bar and became an Attorney.
Am I insecure or is all of this bannanas?
Maybe i'm taking this too frickin personal but people are acting like i'm not a professional- like I JUST married a lawyer. Hello, I have a Masters degree and a license...AND i'm about to have my clinical license so that I can have my own private practice....but all they seem to understand is that i'm a lawyers trophy wife! Very insulting.
I guess the world really hasn't changed a's still very much so (in the words of James Brown RIP.) It's a Man's World!
I bet no one was coming up to him saying how does it feel to be married to a LMSW....or since she has a Masters in Social Work...does that make you a Licensed Master Social Workist.

This in no way has anything to do with my husband because I am very honored and proud to be the wife of a very hard-working, diligent, fun-loving, super smart, sexy, kind, thoughful, honest, compassionate, sexy BLACK MAN...but these tactless people who KEEP coming up to me asking me STUPID questions are getting on my last one. Hopefully all of this will die down after a while...but I doubt it!

Maybe I really need to get that Ph.D.....which brings me to my next post...but I need to get some work done now- I'll get that to ya lata.
~still discovering...........

bye bye Viola...........


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phone convo went something like this:

me: Hey, when are you coming home?

him: I'll be home later...i'm gonna stop by Nikki's?

me: oh, what are you going over there for?

him: bc I like going over there and I do have a nephew...who is like my son for now

me:well you do have a wife, who is like your wife now...and i'm cooking dinner

him:i'll be home later babe


1.5hrs rings

him:come's a cute little puppy in our yard

me: really...there were some dogs in the yard the other day trying to attack me!

him: this puppy is so cute..come outside

me: outside....OMG who's car is that?

him: this is your car?

me: stop playing- no it's not

him: forreal it's your car...all you have to do is say okay

me: shut-up, stop playing

him: forreal, the dealer let me bring it home to see if you liked it because I told him that my wife is picky and she wouldn't have it- if I just came home with a car that she didn't like

me: stop playing

him: wanna drive it? husband is buying me a new car! Ol' Viola has been with me since 2003 and has taken me from Chicago to Atlanta to Houston and back again. She was my very first car and I paid for her myself. We have some pretty good memories together...both good and bad!

I hate to leave her behind but it's definitely time to upgrade. It's gonna be sad...but i'm gonna keep her in the brother will now be the proud owner of my baby girl!

Last weekend my sister in law was teasing me and she said: you look real cute- outfit is nice, got your stunner shades on...BUT you're stepping out of an old dusty saturn!

So I guess she is's time. It's a bitter sweet moment. I'd much rather be stepping out of a new Camry or Accord...

I really do have the best husband in the world. I love him!

new to this blog thing.....


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sitting at students to see at this point- listening to my new found best friend (a web radio station that allows you to create a music station that caters to my taste- NO NONSENSE).
i have been inspired.
i am inspired to create my own blog..because i really enjoy reading other people's personal stories, thoughts and emotions. im sorta confused because im not really sure what i am supposed to write about or what the "bloggers etiquette" is- if there is any. i always read geneva's and brene's blog...and i love it! how do i create my own unique space??? can i just express myself freely?? are there things that i shouldn't do i truly "do" this blog thing.
i guess i can just be myself and start this journey to truly understanding who i am...naked of other people's expectations, my own expectations for myself or this idea to be perfect patty.
so im getting started...enjoy the journey. i sure hope i will.