almost did my Top 10 list....


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So at the beginning of my summer break, I came up with this list of things that I wanted to get done before the summer was over and I am proud to say that I accomplished most of them.

1. Potty train Ryan ( our new dog!) DONE

2. Finish 3 scrapbooks NOPE NOT YET..but I finished 1 and 2 photo albums

3. Read at least 4 books for pleasure HA- WELL I FINISHED 3!

4. See my nephew Deylon and my niece Alyssa : UNFORTUNATELY I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THEM AT ALL..AND I'M SAD ABOUT IT

5. Lose 10 pounds: LOST 7

6. Get my kitchen faucet replaced: DONE...hubby got it replaced!

7. Get my car windows tinted: husband surprised them done while I was in France and picked me up in my car...with the freshly tinted windows!

8. Get my hair dyed: DONE

9. Learn to make good lasagna: DONE


Why Lawd Why is my Electric Bill so High??!!


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I don't get it! Why is our electric bill almost $300 bucks and we aren't even home that much. Both of us get home around 6pm...while we are gone- LIGHTS ARE OFF AND SO IS THE AIR! When we are at home, we don't leave lights on in rooms that we are not in, and the air is at a reasonable temperature...we even set the timer to the TV so that it's not on all through the night!
Now that sounds like some pretty conservative electric handlers to me! I think it's a conspiracy. There is no way that we could have possibly run up a bill that high. Maybe the rates have been jacked up since gas prices are rising or because the economy is bad. But I never got a letter in the mail telling me that our rates were changing.
I think I'm gonna have to start using candles like my good friend Sarita suggested! I mean, it's a shame...I don't even want to pay it. Not because we cant afford it- but the freaking idea of dropping $300 on any bill that's not mortgage, car note or credit card just annoys me. But I guess I really don't have a choice do I?? We can't be in the darkness and we fo sho can't be without air...because we do live in Texas!
I guess I'll just call the electric company and complain...and threaten to leave for another company that has lower rates...and see how they can compensate me! Works every time!

Successful 30 day VEGETARIAN!


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Today marks 30 days that my husband and I have been on a no meat/fat snacks at all diet! At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it without some soda, candy occasionally, ground turkey, fish, shrimp or sumn...see I've already told y'all that I could do without chicken for the rest of my life.
But anyway- I doubted myself (internally)...but today I am proud to say that WE MADE IT! I never had any doubt in him, because he is good with stuff like stuff up and not cheating or backing out of the plan...but not me! Most of the things that we say we're gonna give up (sodas, fried foods, bread, etc) I always seem to not make it to the finish line..BUT THIS TIME I DID! And I'm actually really excited that I stuck with it. Not one time during the past 30 days did I feign for meat. Well I lied..this one time I wanted some fish tacos bad...but I held out! But for the most part I was good. I actually liked being a vegetarian. My body feels better because we didn't eat the fat snacks, fries, sodas, etc. I even lost some weight. 7 pounds to be exact!
I think I'm gonna continue with this lifestyle. I will add seafood back into my diet...but I think I'm gonna lay off of the other stuff. I feel a lot better- and I want to keep it that way. Am I saying that I will NEVER eat a fat snack, or drink a soda, or have a turkey burger and fries...NOPE! But I am saying that I want to live a healthy life...and that includes eating well.
One day we would like to have a baby...and I want my body to be a nice healthy place for our child to live for 9 months!
So I'm working on getting healthy...for me and for them! Eating well, exercising, limiting stress in my life, lots of laughter and happiness and just total peace.
So here's to 30 days as a vegetarian...and many more days as a pescatarian! (thats a vegetarian who eats think...I didn't make that word up!)

el cepillado en mi español = brushing up on my spanish


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You know the phrase "If you don't use it, you'll lose it"....well that is exactly what happened to me. I took Spanish for 4 years in High School and 2 years in College...and I was actually pretty good in high school...but somewhere between 2001 and understanding and ability to speak the Spanish language has dwindled.
Unfortunately for me, I live in Texas and work at a school with approx a 98% Hispanic population...I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK SPANISH!
Last year, I would have parent meetings and some of our parents are spanish speaking only, so I would need a translator. But in my profession- most things are I would have to break that students confidentiality with the translator because I couldn't communicate with his/her parents. I was also a little frustrated because the parents and translator would talk for several minutes and then the translator would tell me in a few words what they talked about. Now I know the English language and the Spanish language are different and sometimes things are very wordy in Spanish...but I know it didn't take all of that time to say what I said!
Also, many conversations with parents are very uncomfortable and hard things to talk about...what if the translator isn't saying what im saying with the same level of compassion and sensitivity as I would. I wouldn't really that is why I need to get it together and learn to speak Spanish again so that I can communicate with my parents without using a translator. I'm not saying that our translators are horrible...I just want to be able to do the job that I know everything that is being said and I can communicate it to them in my own tone!
Two of my favorite people at work- our wonderful Janitorial staff...who have dubbed themselves mi tia's here at YES have offered to help me with my Spanish. We will only speak in English. I think I may also take Rosetta Stone or see if there is a conversational Spanish classes at one of the local colleges around here. I can understand some things...but a lot of times I'm at a lost of words when I try to express myself.
So, if you know Spanish- no hábleme en inglés más, esta bien?
Hopefully, by next year this time...i'll be bilingual again!
Adios chicos!

mushy monday postponed...its mad as hell Monday today!


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My ship and one of my most favorite prohpytes just reminded me that it was Mushy Monday. But i'm really not in any mood to write about anything great and happy and mushy after watching that video (please check out link in the post below).
So today is Mad as Hell Monday...because it's very very very frustrating to watch this. But Kristal made a very good point..that this is exactly why we do the work that we do. We do it so that we can press through this madness and teach our kids a better way of life, a better way to behave, but most importantly a better way to love themselves, respect their bodies, mind and spirit.
This is giving me a new vision...
So to hell with Mushy Monday today and hello to Mad as Hell about what our babies are learning and becoming.
Y'all pray for me!

My heart is hurting....and I want to cry


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Okay, so this post is about to be a huge rant because I am completely disturbed. My good friend Shr'i sent me this forward...and I normally don't even pay attention to forwards...but for some reason I opened this video this morning.

I tried to post the video...but for some reason I couldn't save it to my computer. This is a must see....please go look at this and write a comment about what you think.
These kids can't be more than 7 years old and they look like they just stepped out of the Nelly Tip Drill video. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
I mean, we used to have dance competitions at birthday parties...but we NEVER had sex with our clothes on. THESE ARE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My question is....where are their parents...and who in the hell was video taping them. It had to be an adult...and instead of stopping them from grinding each other up...they decided to tape. NO ONE stopped them...well for at least a minute and a half.
I really don't even know what to say...except. BLACK FOLKS. WE GOTTA DO BETTER! This is partly why we have so much teenage pregnancy...because some parents aren't teaching their little girls to be ladies. Instead they are teaching them how to dance like strippers...because baby girl saw this somewhere...maybe mommy, maybe videos...I don't know...but she LEARNED this from someone. I can't even do the stuff she was doing!
I am so furious right I'm really sad right now. My heart is hurting and the happiness that I had for the first day of school is gone. I have so many mixed emotions right now: sadness, anger, disgust, frustration, anxiety, and pain. I truly believe that is the partly the reason why our teenage pregancy rate is so high...because at 7 they are dancing and grinding and basically "doin it" with their clothes on ....and at 12- they are really doing it and getting pregnant. We have got to teach our girls how to be ladies...and our boys how to be gentlemen. I could go on and on and on...but........
I need to do some work..I mean it is the first day of school. But I had to post this because I am just speechless.......damn!

got a good word yesterday!


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So for the past 6 months, my husband and I have been battling with leaving our church home. We have been members of New Life for a little over 3 years now and we have grown very close to our church family. However, we have moved out of the city and into the burbs...placing us about 45 minutes from our church. Initially, we were like "yep we're leaving" because it's really ridiculous to have to drive that far when gas is $4.00 a gallon almost. But it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to go ahead and switcharoo!
Anyway- we have been skipping a few Sundays at New Life to visit some churches REALLY close to our so close we could walk if it weren't 145 degrees outside! So yesterday we went to Crossroads Community Church (which is right across the street..thank you Jesus). We have visited this church a few times...and we like it...but we never really got to hear the Pastor speak..the first time we went it was Youth sunday, then we went back..but were late..and came in on the middle of a chump off sermon..then he got into a really bad motorcycle accident, so that the last two times we have gone- have been Associate Pastors preaching. Well both of the Associate Pastors sermons..I LOVED!
So back to the point of the story- my good word yesterday!
The Minister- who normally leads praise and worship was preaching for the day! This lady ushered the Spirit of God in and right on inside of me. She preached on "A Higher Calling" about how God is waiting on us to answer him YES to do His will...and how we have to keep pressing though when life comes at us. I think this really hit home for me because I have been dealing with myself- because I KNOW that I am not fulfilling my duties that he has for me. There is so much more than I need to do for the Lord..but I don't. I am praying for God to help me surrender to him and allow me to do what he wants me to do.
So y'all pray for me!
This sermon was so awesome...that I bought the CD. I NEVER EVER buy Cd's....but I had to have this message on hand when I need a pick me up...and a little motivation. I listened to it in the car this morning...and while sitting at my desk doing some work to prepare for the year! I have passed it along to one of my spiritual sisters/coworker so she could get a blessing as well.
I was truly blessed yesterday and am very thanksful for the message that was brought to me from my Father through Minister Lenora Jones.

Mushy Mondays


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Last summer my friend LaSonya was here doing an internship because she is in Pharmacy school- and she got me hooked on the Lifetime TV show Army Wives. This show has become one of my favorites...right up there with The Game!
Last night as I was watching Army Wives and running on the treadmill trying to burn off the two cupcakes that I had for dessert- I had a revelation!
These women go through so much and I rarely hear people giving them props for being the devoted, strong women that they are. I mean, we always hear people praising troops (which I do think they should be praised)...but what about the wives and husbands who hold their families down while their spouse is gone for months at a time? I can imagine how lonely they must feel... hell, I get lonley and miss my husband if he leaves for a week.
My aunt has been an army wife for almost 30 years and her daughter- my cousin who was a Mushy Monday recipient a few weeks back is about to marry a man in the Army as well. Last night I was just thinking about what issues they have/will go through and how I don't think I could ever be in their positions.
I send a special prayer of patience, devotion, dedication, strength, favor, reduced stress, and an extra helping of love to sustain all of these women.....but especially my cousin who is about to embark on this long journey of army wifedom!
So, todays Mushy Monday post goes to all of the army wives and husbands across the Nation! Thank you for all that you do!



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Today marks 2 years since we vowed to love each other forever and ever and ever and ever! And I must say that it has been a wonderful two years for us. I couldn't think of anyone more perfectly compatible than us two together. We were truly designed by God himself to be husband and wife forever and ever and ever!

I figured i'd list the top 10 things that I love about my husband and our marriage- since today is our anniversary!

1. I love love love how we treat one another: with love and compassion, respect and admiration, honesty and trust, communication and good listening skills, etc.
2. I love how we can have fun with each other and do absolutely NOTHING!
3. I love how we share responsibilities
4. I love how even though my husband is the head of our household, he values and cherishes my thoughts and opinions and we make decisions together.
5. I love how thoughtful he is. The little things always count...and the big ones do too..but little ones have a lot of meaning
6. I love love love how he is so appreciative and says THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! And you know, that's not to be taken for granted, bc I know many of wives/girlfriends who always gripe about their men not saying thank you or appreciating things that they do. My husband is very good in that department- he says thank you for ev-e-ry thing that I do...and I really appreciate it because it makes me want to do things for him even more!
7. I love how he is so giving...the man can give some good gifts! I mean, its been 6 years and he has never seemed to dissapoint me! I can always count on him to do me right!! And he puts a lot of thought into the gifts and last minute pick me ups! And not only to me is he giving...but he has a good heart and is always willing to help someone out.
8. I love how we give each other space to do our own personal stuff...some men/women trip about their spouses hanging out with their girlfriends/homeboys or just doing stuff without them. But we don't! We encourage each other to hang out with friends..and have personal me time! Its very healthy!!
9. I love how we are so in love with each other...and we are growing more in love everyday!
10. And I love how mind blowing...well... that ain't none of y'alls bidness!!

I know y'all may not be concerned with my joy and happiness that I get from being married to the World's Greatest Husband...but I just needed to blog about it for me!

Oh and...I got my new wedding band for our anniversary....and I must say...IM SHINING ON 'EM!