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You know the phrase "If you don't use it, you'll lose it"....well that is exactly what happened to me. I took Spanish for 4 years in High School and 2 years in College...and I was actually pretty good in high school...but somewhere between 2001 and now..my understanding and ability to speak the Spanish language has dwindled.
Unfortunately for me, I live in Texas and work at a school with approx a 98% Hispanic population...I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK SPANISH!
Last year, I would have parent meetings and some of our parents are spanish speaking only, so I would need a translator. But in my profession- most things are confidential...so I would have to break that students confidentiality with the translator because I couldn't communicate with his/her parents. I was also a little frustrated because the parents and translator would talk for several minutes and then the translator would tell me in a few words what they talked about. Now I know the English language and the Spanish language are different and sometimes things are very wordy in Spanish...but I know it didn't take all of that time to say what I said!
Also, many conversations with parents are very uncomfortable and hard things to talk about...what if the translator isn't saying what im saying with the same level of compassion and sensitivity as I would. I wouldn't really know....so that is why I need to get it together and learn to speak Spanish again so that I can communicate with my parents without using a translator. I'm not saying that our translators are horrible...I just want to be able to do the job myself...so that I know everything that is being said and I can communicate it to them in my own tone!
Two of my favorite people at work- our wonderful Janitorial staff...who have dubbed themselves mi tia's here at YES have offered to help me with my Spanish. We will only speak in Spanish...no English. I think I may also take Rosetta Stone or see if there is a conversational Spanish classes at one of the local colleges around here. I can understand some things...but a lot of times I'm at a lost of words when I try to express myself.
So, if you know Spanish- no hábleme en inglés más, esta bien?
Hopefully, by next year this time...i'll be bilingual again!
Adios chicos!

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