almost did my Top 10 list....


Written on 3:56 PM by gracefully discovering:

So at the beginning of my summer break, I came up with this list of things that I wanted to get done before the summer was over and I am proud to say that I accomplished most of them.

1. Potty train Ryan ( our new dog!) DONE

2. Finish 3 scrapbooks NOPE NOT YET..but I finished 1 and 2 photo albums

3. Read at least 4 books for pleasure HA- WELL I FINISHED 3!

4. See my nephew Deylon and my niece Alyssa : UNFORTUNATELY I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THEM AT ALL..AND I'M SAD ABOUT IT

5. Lose 10 pounds: LOST 7

6. Get my kitchen faucet replaced: DONE...hubby got it replaced!

7. Get my car windows tinted: husband surprised them done while I was in France and picked me up in my car...with the freshly tinted windows!

8. Get my hair dyed: DONE

9. Learn to make good lasagna: DONE


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  1. Leigh Anne Rayburn |

    Yes, you do make good lasagna!!!

  2. I am Domestic |

    So you are alive? I pray all is well! We need an update on that hugely large dog of yours=Ryan! :)

  3. A Free Spirit Butterfly |

    You can see it as mostly accomplished or disappointing. I see it as "girl you lost 7lbs" What woman wouldn't celebrate that?


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