Successful 30 day VEGETARIAN!


Written on 12:57 PM by gracefully discovering:

Today marks 30 days that my husband and I have been on a no meat/fat snacks at all diet! At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it without some soda, candy occasionally, ground turkey, fish, shrimp or sumn...see I've already told y'all that I could do without chicken for the rest of my life.
But anyway- I doubted myself (internally)...but today I am proud to say that WE MADE IT! I never had any doubt in him, because he is good with stuff like stuff up and not cheating or backing out of the plan...but not me! Most of the things that we say we're gonna give up (sodas, fried foods, bread, etc) I always seem to not make it to the finish line..BUT THIS TIME I DID! And I'm actually really excited that I stuck with it. Not one time during the past 30 days did I feign for meat. Well I lied..this one time I wanted some fish tacos bad...but I held out! But for the most part I was good. I actually liked being a vegetarian. My body feels better because we didn't eat the fat snacks, fries, sodas, etc. I even lost some weight. 7 pounds to be exact!
I think I'm gonna continue with this lifestyle. I will add seafood back into my diet...but I think I'm gonna lay off of the other stuff. I feel a lot better- and I want to keep it that way. Am I saying that I will NEVER eat a fat snack, or drink a soda, or have a turkey burger and fries...NOPE! But I am saying that I want to live a healthy life...and that includes eating well.
One day we would like to have a baby...and I want my body to be a nice healthy place for our child to live for 9 months!
So I'm working on getting healthy...for me and for them! Eating well, exercising, limiting stress in my life, lots of laughter and happiness and just total peace.
So here's to 30 days as a vegetarian...and many more days as a pescatarian! (thats a vegetarian who eats think...I didn't make that word up!)

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  1. jd |

    Hi there - I just wanted to congratulate you on completing your 30-day vegetarian challenge!

    It sounds like you really enjoyed the experience, which is great!

    I've been vegetarian for almost 7 years now (& am now almost vegan), but my boyfriend has been wavering back and forth for a long time. I'll have to show him your post for a bit of encouragement :)

    Congrats again!

  2. BrownBeauty |

    Congrats lady! I also cut out red meats from my diet and I noticed an instant difference. I still occasionally eat it but when I do its lean. I don't know about giving up meat completely but I commend you and your hubby for your committment and success!!!

  3. Anonymous |

    Wow, congrats to you and your husband. I've cut back a lot on red meat this year. I do know that I'm tired of chicken!


    girl, please give me some of your recipes!

  5. pryncesskv |

    Good Job Meme!! I've been able to go a week or so but never a whole month!! I need some of ur recipies so I can try it out!!

  6. I am Domestic |

    I did something very similar recently...(around the same time you were doing yours) and I didn't see a difference. I'll try it again sometime soon. But nevertheless...CONGRATS on the challenge!


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