My heart is hurting....and I want to cry


Written on 8:48 AM by gracefully discovering:

Okay, so this post is about to be a huge rant because I am completely disturbed. My good friend Shr'i sent me this forward...and I normally don't even pay attention to forwards...but for some reason I opened this video this morning.

I tried to post the video...but for some reason I couldn't save it to my computer. This is a must see....please go look at this and write a comment about what you think.
These kids can't be more than 7 years old and they look like they just stepped out of the Nelly Tip Drill video. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
I mean, we used to have dance competitions at birthday parties...but we NEVER had sex with our clothes on. THESE ARE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My question is....where are their parents...and who in the hell was video taping them. It had to be an adult...and instead of stopping them from grinding each other up...they decided to tape. NO ONE stopped them...well for at least a minute and a half.
I really don't even know what to say...except. BLACK FOLKS. WE GOTTA DO BETTER! This is partly why we have so much teenage pregnancy...because some parents aren't teaching their little girls to be ladies. Instead they are teaching them how to dance like strippers...because baby girl saw this somewhere...maybe mommy, maybe videos...I don't know...but she LEARNED this from someone. I can't even do the stuff she was doing!
I am so furious right I'm really sad right now. My heart is hurting and the happiness that I had for the first day of school is gone. I have so many mixed emotions right now: sadness, anger, disgust, frustration, anxiety, and pain. I truly believe that is the partly the reason why our teenage pregancy rate is so high...because at 7 they are dancing and grinding and basically "doin it" with their clothes on ....and at 12- they are really doing it and getting pregnant. We have got to teach our girls how to be ladies...and our boys how to be gentlemen. I could go on and on and on...but........
I need to do some work..I mean it is the first day of school. But I had to post this because I am just speechless.......damn!

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  1. pryncesskv |

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  2. Anonymous |

    I wish I could watch the video here at work but cant and honestly dont need to, cause I know excatly what you are talking about. Parents especially the younger ones need to take the time to instill the morals and behaviors they didnt get from their parents, or wished they had gotten. They need not to encourage and laugh at their children when such behaviors are displayed, because a child might know they have only seen "grown-ups" do these sorts of things, but when a "grown-up" is not stopping them or better yet cheering them on... why would they think what they are doing is a problem?? I whole heartly agree Meme... its really sad.


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