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Written on 12:10 PM by gracefully discovering:

Last summer my friend LaSonya was here doing an internship because she is in Pharmacy school- and she got me hooked on the Lifetime TV show Army Wives. This show has become one of my favorites...right up there with The Game!
Last night as I was watching Army Wives and running on the treadmill trying to burn off the two cupcakes that I had for dessert- I had a revelation!
These women go through so much and I rarely hear people giving them props for being the devoted, strong women that they are. I mean, we always hear people praising troops (which I do think they should be praised)...but what about the wives and husbands who hold their families down while their spouse is gone for months at a time? I can imagine how lonely they must feel... hell, I get lonley and miss my husband if he leaves for a week.
My aunt has been an army wife for almost 30 years and her daughter- my cousin who was a Mushy Monday recipient a few weeks back is about to marry a man in the Army as well. Last night I was just thinking about what issues they have/will go through and how I don't think I could ever be in their positions.
I send a special prayer of patience, devotion, dedication, strength, favor, reduced stress, and an extra helping of love to sustain all of these women.....but especially my cousin who is about to embark on this long journey of army wifedom!
So, todays Mushy Monday post goes to all of the army wives and husbands across the Nation! Thank you for all that you do!

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  1. Danielle |

    hey! i'm happy that you were able to get an inspirational message. those are the best, because not ever pastor has the ability to move people like that...meanwhile i just want to say that I appreciate the fact that you update your blog on the regular...b/t ur personal blog and another friend of mine i decided to start my own personal one, and i added u to my blog list...check it out when you get a chance


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