update on Nia


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Nia is doing great! SHe is still in the CVICU- only because her blood pressure REFUSES to go down! They have tried a few medicines- but they are not working. They even had the renal Doctor come in and check her kidneys, but THANK GOD nothing was wrong. I couldn't imagine dealing with heart and kidney problems!

She is a super star on the CVICU floor...people LOVE her! They are always coming in the room talking about how cute she is. When I came in today, someone had made/given her a pinkknit hat and made her a name sign for her crib! She is quite the people magnet.

She is sharing a room with two other babies that just had the same surgery. It's so funny because all three of them are about 2 weeks a part from each other. They all have different heart conditions- but had the same surgery. I feel so bad for one of the little girls. No one ever comes to visit her. Well, I saw her mom yesterday for about 30 minutes. She seemed nice- and I didn't want to be too nosy and ask her why no one was here with her!
She is married and the little girl is her only baby.....so I don't know why this precious baby is so alone ALL of the time! But I don't know her situation, so I can't judge.

But what I can do, is show this little girl some attention. So when I read to Nia, I sit in the middle of them so that she can get story time too. I even bought her a halloween onesie when I went to get Nia's today. Although, I don't think that they can wear it!! But it'll be cute for a picture!! I hope her mommy doesn't mind. She seems (the baby) very cranky and it could be because of the pain from the surgery...but I bet some of it it because she misses her mommy and daddy...or someone who feels familiar. Mom did say that baby had been in the hospital for a while before the surgery.

Anyway, Nia is just progressing fabulously...just like last time. I hope it continues and that we are all back home being one big happy family in no time. Nick and I have been swapping out babies! Tonight is my night at the hospital and he is at home with Naomi. Last night Naomi and I bonded big time.
I love my girls...Nia just woke up and is ready to eat...so peace out!

today is the day....the Glenn


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So the day that we have been waiting for, for the past 2 weeks is finally here. As I type, they are cutting through the scar tissue (from the first surgery) to get to her heart. She went back around 12:20pm and they gave us our first update at around 3:15. She did well with the anesthesia, but they had a tough time getting her central line is because she was on the chubby side (the nurse's words..not mine).

This morning I held her for so long because I know it'll probably be a few days before I can hold her again. She was so cute and didn't have a clue about what she would soon endure. She was a little fussy because she couldn't eat anything after 9am...and even still she could only have Pedialyte after 3am. But she calmed down and went to sleep- which was good!

Last night, I kept having the dream where they took her through the double doors and we couldn't go with her...and this afternoon....it happened. They took her and we couldn't go and I cried. But I must say, I am much calmer this time around. For the Norwood, I was a complete mess...probably had a lot to do with all of the hormones from just having two babies.

I'll update again once we hear something.
I'm missing Naomi big time. She stayed with Mrs. J last night and is staying with Audrey tonight. Tomorrow, she will be with either mommy or daddy! (I'm thinking mommy- I don't know if I can last 3 days!)

so..Tuesday it is....hopefully?


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Got a call from Mary, the Cardiac nurse, and she said that Nia is scheduled for surgery Tuesday...pending a negative flu test that she will take on Monday.
The part that sucks is that all of our help will be GONE next week and Texas Children's has a new rule that no children under 12 can visit the hospital. I talked to her about it and she said that Naomi would be able to be there with us as long as Nia is in CVICU- but once she gets to step down she wouldn't be able to stay.
I'm going to talk to the Social Worker and see what arrangements can be made. I mean, there has to be an exception to the rule (there always is)....and if there isn't, a Social Worker always knows how to get it done!! (I'm just a tad bit biased)
So please pray that my little pumpkin can have her surgery next week and that it goes extremely well!

Positive AGAIN


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Yesterday, I took Nia back to the hospital to get the nasal flu test again...and it came back positive AGAIN. It's kinda frustrating because I do not see any symptoms- she doesn't have a cough, runny nose, fever or anything. But this test continues to come back positive, which is delaying her surgery.
SO, they started her on Tamiflu (sp?) for 5 days- hoping that it will knock this flu ghost out of her system. However, she (the nurse Mary) couldn't tell me if they would proceed with the surgery or wait until next week. She said that she would call me today to let me know what her surgeon, Dr. Heinle, and the team of Cardiologist think.
I know that they want to get her surgery done now, but the risks may outweigh their desire to do it sooner than later.
I just hate being in limbo....and I feel very much in limbo right now. I really want her to get her surgery while her O2 levels are good and she is doing pretty well. But I can't make that decision.
I'm also a little irritated because we had planned on going home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and the Cardiologist had approved us going based on the initial surgery date. Now, since they have pushed it back so much, we may not be able to go if she hasn't fully recovered.
Waiting on that call today- I'll keep you posted.

what a surprise!


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Last Sunday my best friend from College surprised me and came to visit for a full week. Now, apparently everyone knew but me...which hardly ever happens because I am nosy and nothing gets past me...just ask my husband!
But she was able to pull this one off! I'm actually happy that I didn't know because it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise!
We didn't get a chance to do a whole lot together, but she helped out a whole lot with the girls! I actually felt like I was on a mini vacation for a few days! She and Grandma Lena was with them during the day while we went to work and Melissa got up with them at night. It felt pretty good!
We did get to hang out some Saturday. We went to the Breakfast Klub and got pedicures.

God has really blessed me with some wonderful friends. I honestly don't think I could have asked for better ones. My mom used to say that you can count your REAL friends on one hand, and you may just get one or two. But I'm proud to say that I've been blessed to count them on both of my hands! They come from all different walks of life and from different stages in my life: from high school to college to graduate school and a few things in between.

Anyway, Melissa was so sad when she left the girls (after she got over losing her ID and having to have her birth certificate faxed so that she could get on the plane and go back home to my godson) she was very teary-eyed and didn't even want the girls to ride to the airport to drop her off.

We love you Ti-Ti Melissa and will miss you greatly!

postponed AGAIN


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Today was SUPPOSED to be the day that Nia would have the second of three surgeries. BUT yesterday, we went in to get all of her Pre-op work done and one of the test that identifies cold or flu symptoms came back positive. Since she didn't look sick, nor did she have any visible signs of a cold- they took the test again and it came back negative. But to be on the safe side, the pushed her surgery back to next Thursday. We have to take her back Monday to get more test done and if she is healthy, then they will proceed.
At first, I was a bit annoyed because this is the 3rd date that we have gotten...but they explained that if they operate on her with even a hint of infection- she will have a much harder time recovering. So I guess we're blessed that they are doing whatever needs to be done to make sure my little pumpkin has the best surgery and recovery possible.

Her little half of a heart is working really hard and she needs to have this surgery to relieve some of the responsibility of the right side of her heart. I really hope that she can have it next week. As nervous as I am...I know that she needs this and it will only make her better.
So let's get on with it people!!!!!!!!!!!

On a brighter note- the girls had their first professional pics taken Tuesday and we had a BALL! Nia showed up and showed out- just smiling and laughing the whole time. I guess she knew that she wouldn't have to get her surgery this week and was extremely happy!

Part 2: The Glenn


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Nia's Glenn was scheduled for Monday, October 12- but it has been postponed a few days because half of the operating staff is out with the flu. Luckily she has been doing great and her O2 levels have been steady- which is why the Surgeon is okay with delaying her surgery a few days. However, her team of Cardiologists are not so pleased with this news.
For the past week or so, I have felt myself clinging to her a bit more than usual...and I think it's because I am very nervous about this surgery. I know that they say this is much easier on the babies, but open-heart surgery is open-heart surgery and I am internally freaking out. I keep playing it over in my head how the day will go: how we will get to hold her and kiss her before they wheel her through the double doors that I can't go through and I will cry until they call to give us the updates. So when they called to tell me that I have a few more days to spend with my baby before they cut her open again- I was pleased. Don't get me wrong, I know that she needs this and it is going to in turn save her life...but I sure wish there was a way to do just that- WITHOUT cutting her open!

Anyway- I found this video on another heart moms blog and it is absolutely moving. Please be ready to tear up :) Spread awareness about CHD's! Take a few moments to watch it- and then pass it on!

Whew! Who thought it would take me three months?


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So it's been like FOREVER since I've had the time to actually sit down and blog about the new adventures of my life. I had actually stored the urge to share my thoughts with the world in that closet that hardly gets opened...but thanks to my colleague Leigh Anne "for checking me boo" in the teachers lounge the other day...I've opened that closet and started to take things out again- blogging being one of them.
I dare NOT try to sum up the past three months of my life in this post- but I will give a brief overview.
Let's see
1. I'm still alive and sane! Thank you Jesus
2. Nia and Naomi are 3 months and 9 days old today!
3. They have grown soooooooooo much- approx. 12 pounds each now! They were born 6lbs and 4lbs 10 oz.
4. This week, we started giving them rice cereal at night AND....they are sleeping for 6 hours straight. HALLELUJAH!!!!!
5. Nick and I haven't been on a date since August 5- but Grandma Lena is coming this weekend, so mommy and daddy are hitting the town Saturday.
6. The girls personalities are so different. Naomi is much like her mommy- loves to smile, bubbly personality and outgoing. Nia on the other is quite reserved. She likes to check you out for a minute, throw a few frowns at you, and maybe...just maybe she will give you a smile! However, as of the late she been smiling more. SO maybe she's warming up to the world!
7. Nia has recovered remarkably from her surgery. No issues at all! I am so thankful and I know that it's God that is holding her in his hand and guiding her through this process. It's truly unbelievable how well she has done. When I hear about all of the special heart babies that are having such a tough time, all I can do is continuously thank God for his miraculous blessings. We are truly favored.
8. I'm still nursing...well let me be clear..I'm still pumping! I'm really trying to make it 6 months, but lawd knows this is HAZING!
9. Nick is the best dad in the world. He does so much for me and the girls- that it's crazy. I mean, I hate to brag...but uh' I have the best hubby in the world!
10. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH BEING A MOMMY. It is total happiness, exhaustion, humility, joy, pride, and sacrifice all balled up in one. I love being a mommy, it is indeed the best job in the world.

Here are some pics of the lady bugs. If you're m y friend on facebook, then you have seen them a lot. If not, here are my two pumpkins!