ritalin and a chastity belt!


Written on 10:42 AM by gracefully discovering:

So a few days ago we had an ultrasound (we get these frequently BC of the twins) and looking at our two little girls play around in there like they were at a jungle gym was quite amusing.

Now, I already told you guys about fat-fat and skinny (my MIL told me to stop calling her that BC she can hear me and will have self-esteem issues...so I'm typing it BC she can't read just yet!).

Anyway, fat-fat is in there taking up all the space, doing flips, moving so fast that the nurse couldn't even get her heartbeat. The nurse and the Ultrasound tech both told us that we are gonna have some problems with her! I guess she got tired and decided that she was just gonna suck her thumb..which was so cute! But a half of second later- she was back at it!! Now looking at the screen- she is bogarding most of the space...and poor little skinny was balled up in the left corner...just chillen. So apparently we are gonna have a very "active" daughter and one that is kinda chill, relaxed and nonchalant! So there will be a balance!

Oh, not only was fat-fat acting like she had been let loose at Chuckee-Cheese...she had her legs cocked open!! I'm thinking oh hell naw...I do not have a little fast daughter already!! She just had her legs gapped open for the world to see her little private parts!! I told them that she did not get that from me, because I was not fast!! She must have gotten that from her Auntie Nikki!
So I'm just wondering, is there any way that the Doctor can inject fat-fat with a shot of Ritalin and place a chastity belt on her when she comes out....because I can just see it now....this one is gonna take a lot of work!! Y'all pray for us!

"Be a rainbow in somebody's cloud"


Written on 10:27 AM by gracefully discovering:

This past Saturday, my sisterfriend Rita took me and her mothers to see the World renown Dr. Maya Angelou. (This lady has 60 Honorary Doctorates..wow!) It was such an amazing experience! To sit and listen to her speak and sing for an hour and a half was pure bliss. At 80 years old- this fiesty, sarcastic, educated, intelligent, multilingual, funny, wise, beautiful woman kept me in total awe from the moment she walked on the stage.

She said that she had initially come to give us some poetry....but decided to tell her story instead. I read I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing- so I was familiar with a lot of the stories that she told...it was just great to be able to connect with her through her writing and her speech.

She was there to speak to the youth of Houston. The Brilliant Lecture Series and Capital One Bank brought her to the city to speak to many students as well as adults. She was there to encourage them to excel in life- to not give up and live life to their fullest potential. She asked them "why not you?? Why can't you be the man or woman who finds the cure to Breast Cancer, to MS, to AIDS...somebody has to do it-so why can't it be you?" The kids and adults all applauded as she gave our youth hope for the future.

She had sooo many wise things to say- but I was so caught up that I forgot to write them down until the very end!! So here are some of the things that I hope will impact my life as I continue to journey through this thing called life. I wish I could have had the opportunity to sit down and speak to her for a few moments. She is full of wisdom that should be shared with people all over the World.

"I'm 80 years old and I'm still processing....don't ever stop processing this stuff...never stop learning. You can never know too much or enough."
" You have already been paid for"
"When you get- give, and when you learn- teach"
"Be a rainbow in somebody's cloud"
"I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me"
"Don't expect that because you want it, you got it"
Rita and I after the Dr. Maya Angelou conversation.
Thanks Rita for this great experience. Thanks for that night too :)-