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Today marks 2 years since we vowed to love each other forever and ever and ever and ever! And I must say that it has been a wonderful two years for us. I couldn't think of anyone more perfectly compatible than us two together. We were truly designed by God himself to be husband and wife forever and ever and ever!

I figured i'd list the top 10 things that I love about my husband and our marriage- since today is our anniversary!

1. I love love love how we treat one another: with love and compassion, respect and admiration, honesty and trust, communication and good listening skills, etc.
2. I love how we can have fun with each other and do absolutely NOTHING!
3. I love how we share responsibilities
4. I love how even though my husband is the head of our household, he values and cherishes my thoughts and opinions and we make decisions together.
5. I love how thoughtful he is. The little things always count...and the big ones do too..but little ones have a lot of meaning
6. I love love love how he is so appreciative and says THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! And you know, that's not to be taken for granted, bc I know many of wives/girlfriends who always gripe about their men not saying thank you or appreciating things that they do. My husband is very good in that department- he says thank you for ev-e-ry thing that I do...and I really appreciate it because it makes me want to do things for him even more!
7. I love how he is so giving...the man can give some good gifts! I mean, its been 6 years and he has never seemed to dissapoint me! I can always count on him to do me right!! And he puts a lot of thought into the gifts and surprises..no last minute pick me ups! And not only to me is he giving...but he has a good heart and is always willing to help someone out.
8. I love how we give each other space to do our own personal stuff...some men/women trip about their spouses hanging out with their girlfriends/homeboys or just doing stuff without them. But we don't! We encourage each other to hang out with friends..and have personal me time! Its very healthy!!
9. I love how we are so in love with each other...and we are growing more in love everyday!
10. And I love how great...no awesome...no magnificent....no mind blowing...well... that ain't none of y'alls bidness!!

I know y'all may not be concerned with my joy and happiness that I get from being married to the World's Greatest Husband...but I just needed to blog about it for me!

Oh and...I got my new wedding band for our anniversary....and I must say...IM SHINING ON 'EM!

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  1. Don |

    Happy Two-Year Anniversary?

    And what's better than being in love and having that love reciprocated?

    Nothing, absolutely nothing.


    I LOVE that you share your joy and happiness. Marriage is a gift from God and it is beautiful to see how you shine. You guys model worship and commitment and I am blessed to be a witness! Tell Nick I owe him some of my momma's fried catfish... you know, for old times sake :)

  3. Anonymous |

    You and Nick have always been such an amazing couple to me!! Your love for eachother could never go unrecognized... I hope that you had an incredible anniversary last nite!! And you are right... we dont need to know any more about #10!! LOL ;)

  4. Anonymous |

    Oh and I love your new ring by the way!!! You drippin Meme... you drippin!!!!

  5. BrownBeauty |

    Hey lady!! Happy aniversary! I'm so happy for you all. You and Nick are Blessed and are a blessing. Your love is contagious!!!! Thanks for sharing.I will stay upated and in touch through your blog.

  6. Anonymous |

    Happy Anniversary. Marriage is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sherria |

    It's refreshing to hear that you two are HAPPILY married!! Marriage has so many negative connotations when others talk about it. I am ecstatic that you two are making it work and ignoring the external turmoil! Keep it up! I wish you many years of joy, peace, love and a successful marriage!

  8. Anonymous |

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