Mushy Monday


Written on 7:53 PM by gracefully discovering:

It's almost 8pm and I forgot about mushy monday...good thing I remembered before it was too late!

This weeks mushy monday post goes baby Ryan. I know he has been terrible in the past weeks chewing up my walls and stuff...but today when I came home he had thrown up in the crate. We noticed that he had some worms in his poop last week and I went to the vet and got the pill to kill it....but i'm not so sure it worked...because they were there again today....which might be the cause of the vomit

Anyway- when I walked in the house, he started crying to get out. I let him out, cleaned the crate...and just felt really bad for him.

I felt kinda helpless because I don't know what is causing him to be so sickly....he's had something or another since we've gotten him. I feel like it's partly our fault because we should make sure that he is protected from these sorts of things.

Anyway, when he came back in from using it- I just let him lay in my lap for about an a mommy would do her sick child :)-

My baby is sick and there is not much I can do about it. I am tired of giving the Vet our we are gonna wait this one out and see if he gets better!

So my mushy monday goes to my sickly child....whom I love so much!

P.S I went to Hobby Lobby today and got some doggie scrapbook materials! I'm excited to document this time in our lives...with our new addition to the family!

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  1. IAD |

    are Monday's the only day you are goin to blog? I'm going to boycott your blog....:)


    awwwwwwww. mommy misha.


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