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Scenario: Jane, Helen and myself have decided that we are going out to a club in Paris. We have picked out our outfits...drank a bottle of wine and are ready to hit the streets. Well before we do all of that...of course we have to take a shower and get the days funk off of us. Jane gets dressed...so does Helen...it's finally my turn. I go into the bathroom (which was small as eva) turn the shower on...undress and begin to take off my wedding ring (because I don't shower with it on)...and as im taking it off...my wedding band leaps off of my finger...into the air about 3 feet....and into the freaking shower and down the drain. SIGH.....then here comes all sorts of obscenities as I try to dig down the drain...first my fingers, then tweezers...to get my wedding band. I was unsuccessful.
So....I lost my wedding band in Paris...down the damn drain of a hotel bathroom....lost forever.
We indeed still went out that night and had a fabulous time at Le Queen...which I just found out yesterday was a gay club...lmao! but apparently it was ladies night!
When i told Nick about my ring..his response was "oh well, we will just have to get you another one."
Okay...if he wasn't trippin...then neither would I. as for now...im just rocking my ring...without my band. Our 2 year anniversary is less than a month away...so maybe i'll get a new one then and have him say our vows over and the whole part about the ring...and then put it on my finger just like at our wedding!
This is pt. 1 of my many France stories to come. stay tuned

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