mushy monday postponed...its mad as hell Monday today!


Written on 9:29 AM by gracefully discovering:

My ship and one of my most favorite prohpytes just reminded me that it was Mushy Monday. But i'm really not in any mood to write about anything great and happy and mushy after watching that video (please check out link in the post below).
So today is Mad as Hell Monday...because it's very very very frustrating to watch this. But Kristal made a very good point..that this is exactly why we do the work that we do. We do it so that we can press through this madness and teach our kids a better way of life, a better way to behave, but most importantly a better way to love themselves, respect their bodies, mind and spirit.
This is giving me a new vision...
So to hell with Mushy Monday today and hello to Mad as Hell about what our babies are learning and becoming.
Y'all pray for me!

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    As I am reading this a few days later (obviously), it's easier to put that anger into perspective. You know the saying goes, "your burden in your ministry," so you're definitely in the right field. Having said all of that, I love how you still managed to make me laugh. A much needed relief from the angry sadness. Even though we had to call a moratorium (sp) on Mushy Monday... I'm feeling Mad as Hell Monday too :)


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