got dumped today!


Written on 1:41 PM by gracefully discovering:

Today, we went to see my OB doctor. The visits to her office are normally pretty quick and not all that exciting! But she is always very nice and answers a lot of questions!
She informed us that she is dumping ME! Since our baby girl has this special heart, they will need to be delivered at St. Lukes hospital and not Women's hospital where we were supposed to deliver. Well, my OB doesn't have priviledges to deliver there...she's gonna pass me on the the Twin Specialist. This is cool and all...but I don't think I've ever been dumped before!
I know that they are doing what's best for our I'm not complaining. But dang...I got dumped this morning! She said we can get back together after the babies are born for my routine check-ups!

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  1. Living Whimsically |

    Awww friend!! Its gonna be ok. I was dumped in Dec. by my OBGYN that decided that she was no longer going to practice. Tran wants the best for you and the girls, just think of it that way. I know your pain though!


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