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Sorry for the major delay of info...but we stayed at the hospital last night and our cell phones didn't have service nor did we have wireless Internet.
Anyway- our little Nia is doing excellent! She got out of surgery yesterday around 4:45 and it went very well. No complications at all. The say that the first 48 hours are the most critical for these special heart babies....and guess what she made it through the first 28 hours complications free!

She is on a ton of meds and is sedated and hooked up to an oxygen machine. Her numbers look great and the doctors are pleased with how things are going.
I can't articulate how blessed we are! I am so overjoyed that our little girl is such a strong fighter and is getting through this like a champ. I know it is still very early...but I can't help to believe that things will continue on this great path to recovery.

Last night we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house at the hospital so that we could go up and see Nia at any time. It was kinda tough because we kept Naomi with us- but she couldn't go in the CVICU- so Nick and I had to take turns to go visit her.
I went and read a few stories to her and held her hand and kissed her feet! She is a little feisty mama...she doesn't really like people touching on her...and she will kick you to let you know it!!! But that doesn't stop me at all :)

The hardest part has been leaving her. I HATE HATE HATE leaving her room. I feel like I'm supposed to be there with her 24 hours so that she won't feel lonely. I know that the nurses are taking excellent care of her...they all have been beyond AWESOME, but it really tears me up inside when I leave her room. I cry every time...hell I'm crying as I type this now. I swear, I've been so emotional this past week. Funny story: so today as we were checking out of the Ronald McDonald house but I wanted to go see Nia again before we left. For some reason we had a ton of I asked the receptionist if we could leave our stuff there until we got back from her room...and she said "well no because we cant be responsible for your belongings" and as she was saying no...I just started crying!! Then she was like..well you can leave it in the corner but we cant watch it!! I wanted to slap myself for crying because the lady told me NO! I'll get it together eventually!

I need to do a better job of taking care of myself. I totally OVER DID it yesterday...and I am feeling it. I think I forget that just 7 days ago I had a c-section and delivered 2 babies! My feet are super swollen and my incision is hurting bad! I really need to take it easy- but its impossible because I feel like I need to be in 2 places at one time..taking care of two babies in two different places! But I do not want to be put in the hospital because my incision split open or my feet are swollen to death! So instead of going back to the hospital tonight...I'm lying in the bed with my feet propped up and finally getting some sleep as my sweetie pie Naomi sleeps! Side bar: this little girl is the best! She is soooo sweet and calm and pleasant. I'm so in love with her! I Love just looking at her and watching her different facial expressions...she is adorable! I can't wait until both of them are here's gonna be the best! I love my girls soooooooo much! It's an indescribable feeling...and I love every minute of it. I was made to be mommy to these little girls!!
Here are a few pics of them!

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  1. Sherria |

    I haven't visited in a while (and I see I have missed a lot). CONGRATS on your beautiful baby girls!! How wonderful and precious!! Wishing you and your husband the best God has to offer [smyles]


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