An unexpected Mother's Day


Written on 8:24 AM by gracefully discovering:

At 7 1/2 months pregnant, I wasn't really expecting to celebrate Mother's Day until next year! When people would say "oh, you're about to celebrate your 1st Mother's Day" I would reply..."No, I'm not....I'm not technically a mom yet!" I was even so sure that this wouldn't be my year- that I told one of my friends that I was kinda jealous because just to spite me..."daddy's little girls" would come early so that he could celebrate Father's Day this year.
But oh was I surprised! I got a ton of text messages, phone calls and even cards in the mail from family and friends wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.
I have to publicly apologize to my baby girls because they didn't spite me- they bought me these beautiful roses! I'm telling you, we have the most smart and polite little girls on the face of the earth- they are already buying gifts and writing Thank you cards!

But I think the gift that topped them all was from the most wonderful man on earth. I swear- God knew exactly what He was doing when he created and designed this man just for me almost 27 years ago. I couldn't have dreamt of a more thoughtful, kind, compassionate, smart and loving person to spend the rest of my life with. I truly love and am even more IN LOVE with this man....than I ever thought was humanly possible. He is incredible- and not because he buys me good gifts- but because he epitomizes what a REAL man is! He has it all...and I am truly blessed and favored by the Lord to have him in my life.

Moving on...because I am getting teary-eyed over here! So anyway....that great man that I just talked about is also very funny and sarcastic...and according to him(which is probably true) I will find a way to mess up a surprise no matter what!! But this time, I am proud of myself because I didn't! So I get up Sunday morning to get ready for church and he says " I don't think I'm gonna make it to church because I'm kinda tired". I knew that he was tired...because the night before- they went out to celebrate a friends birthday. Now in my mind...I'm thinking like my grandma...who always said, "I don't care what you do the night before, or what time you get will go into the house of the Lord on Sunday morning if you are living in my house." Typically, I would have made a big deal about him not going to church...and especially on Mother's Day! But something said....don't say anything. So I didn't!
When I got home from church- he called me upstairs and asked about church. Then he said " It must have felt weird being in church by yourself huh?" So I'm like yeah...but it was cool.
Then he starts to explain the real reason why he didn't go to church. He had to go and get my gift that had finally come in. All week he had been working to get this gift...but since it was such a popular item...they kept running out, the shipment was late, etc. So he prepaid for it and picked it up while I was at church.
As he started to explain the eyes started watering...This has to be the most thoughtful gift ever...and he has done some pretty extraordinary things in the past 8 years. Here is my gift

Of course, I can't describe word for word what he said...but it went something like this. "I think this is supposed to symbolize two people in love or something...but it means so much more to us than that. It has two hearts that symbolizes our two little girls beating hearts...and no matter what happens or what people say...RIGHT NOW WE HAVE TWO BEATING HEARTS INSIDE OF YOU. One of the hearts is smaller, which symbolizes Nia's heart and the other one is larger which symbolizes Naomi's heart. The best part is that the hearts are connected and intertwined as one...and as long as we love them and share our hearts with them, then everything will be okay.

So by this time..I'm crying uncontrollably. But it couldn't have made more sense to me. I will cherish this gift forever and ever. No matter what happens- I will always be reminded that we had TWO BEATING HEARTS INSIDE OF ME for 9 months.

My first Mother's Day will always be a day that I will remember. It was full of love, happiness, and joy! Thanks to all who made this day very special for me.

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  1. Mesita |

    OMG! I am teary eyed! That was so sweet of Nick! He is such a good man and you are truly blessed!

    Love you best friend.

  2. Living Whimsically |

    Girl.....Nick better do it!!! That was wonderful and you so deserved it! Smooches!

  3. Suth-ern Mama |

    How wonderfully thoughtful! Your husband is definitely a keeper and I agree wholeheartedly! That is the "bestest" mother's day gift you could have received from him! Way to go, Daddy! I continue to pray for Nia and Naomi! God is holding them both in the palm of his Hand! God Bless!

  4. pryncesskv |

    I got teary eyed reading this entry!! I must say Meme that you are so very blessed, your husband, your girls, their story...absoulutely AWESOME!!

    What a great memory of your lst Mothers day, and a cool story to tell your girls!!


  5. swagher01 |

    I have always told you that you and Nick are a great representation of Black Love....I take that b ack just love period. I am so happy that you have someone that treats you the way that you deserve to be treated.


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