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Yesterday was a very exciting day for my family!! My father in-law (and I only put in-law so that you all will know which father I'm talking about...because there are no in-law feelings for him....I am closer to him than my real dad) But anyway-he finally got the call that we all have been waiting for. They found a matching kidney for him!!!! Now although we are overjoyed, I know that there is a family who is mourning the lost of a loved one...and I pray for them.
They got the call yesterday morning and was told to be there in an hour...WELL...they just happened to be on vacation in Myrtle Beach- which is four hours away from Augusta! So they jumped up and immediately left- leaving grandma at the Timeshare to enjoy the rest of her vacation!
They got to Augusta and went straight to the hospital. He had surgery last night around 9pm and it all went very well! He is currently still in recovery and we are so blessed that everything was a success.
Since before we were pregnant..or even planning to have children, he has been talking about his granddaughter(s)- he even named her before she was conceived Dee...and now that there are two- he has named then Dee and Dee-Dee! The funny thing is that I used to be Dee...but I got kicked to the curb apparently. This man is so excited that they are coming...I really think that he and my husband are neck and neck with excitement! Now he doesn't have to worry about going on Dialysis three times a week..he can just hang out and spend as much time as he wants with his precious granddaughters. And now that they have a kidney- they may even move here which would be awesome! He is no longer limited to what he can do or where he can go! I am excited and I feel so blessed that he has gotten a kidney.
So as I have said before, if you're not an organ donor really should consider it! It can save lives and bring more joy and happiness to a family than you can ever imagine!
Thanks to everyone who sent up special prayers yesterday for him. They worked!!

Photo taken during the Christmas holidays 2008. My mom, mother and father in-law! He just jumped in their picture...just like something he would do! I'm telling you I love this man! He is the reason why my husband is such a wonderful man..he had the perfect example! I wish I could clone him and put him in families across the world- that need good dads!

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    What a great thing!!!! I will continue to lift up your father-in-law as he now recovers and gets used to that new kidney! Congratulations and praise be to God!

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